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Handmade wooden bowls

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these are some of the wooden bowls that are hand made by a local craftsman from st.elizabeth named jehvanie we have all these in stock at out gift shop when u are here in jamaica and want to take back a piece of jamaica with you these wooden bowls will make a great gift for you and your family or friends ny1yy3.jpg0d4jzk.jpgdy13xy.jpgdwb21b.jpg84om17.jpg
these are just a few of the pieces from our stock to show everyone of the artists talent here in jamaica we have supported the local craftsmen for more than 15 plus years and will continue to do so with the support from all the tourists and locals
We do ship out these products as well if anyone is interested can contact us on here and place their orders to get it shipped to the respective countries
thank you with regards


These look awesome! Thanks for sharing them. I’m not sure which one I like more, they are all great in their own right.

so Exquisite !!