Konshens & Sean Paul Fast & The Furious 9 Sound Track 🔥

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Possibly one of the most anticipated movies for the summer, Fast & The Furious, just released its sound track today ( June 18th, 2021). To my surprise or should I say delight I saw two Reggae Dancehall artists featured, Konshens and Sean Paul.

While SP is expected as he is the go to collaborator for Internationsl acts wanting the dancehall flavor, Konshens was a cool surprise. I’m sure he will get a career boost from being on this soundtrack as the song is solid.

Below is the track by Murci titled Exotic Race which features Sean Paul and Dixson Waz. Though it sounds more like Sean Paul featuring the rest as his voice is the most prominent. Murci, who I believe is the producer is sure to rack up some streams after this collaboration. Dixson Waz is a popular Urban artiste from the Dominican Republic.



Next is a track off the soundtrack by Justin Quiles featuring Konshens titled Real. I really feel they made a good collab on this as the two know how to
Woo the ladies. Konshens brings the hardcore to the melodies of Justin and I feel this track will be favorite in the clubs and parties that will be happening in the summer of reopening. Enjoy!!!


Fast and the Furious 9 was scheduled to be released in 2020 then postponed till early 2021. It has been released in countries such as China and Korea but will be released June 24th in the UK and 25th in the USA. But for my streamer VPNers, you have probably already seen it.

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Huge fan of this movie ❤️❤️
I had seen its all part and listened it's all song tracks🤗
My favourite one is "We own it"
Good to see that you had also seen this movie 🤗

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I think that's the song with Migos? Have to check. I actually haven't seen the movie yet 🤭



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Thanks fir the slice 😉

I've never been much into dancehall, but Konshens has several songs I like, even some really conscious tunes. This song got me imaging a Caribbean Fast & Furious. Perhaps St. Vincent, but they'd have to shorten the movie to about 30 minutes cause they'd run out of roads.

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 last month 

Hahaha! That’s funny 😆 the roads would done!

Yeah man Konshens has a good conscious side but I realize he dabbles into the pop to make the best of the market. This song should do a lot for his career.

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Wow both songs are good, but enjoyed Real more, even though I'm a big fan of Sean Paul. Real has more substance and variety I find.

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm behind in the F&F franchise movies 🙈, so I have to catch up.