One Day Yuh A Guh Dead! [ Patois Poetry ] by DMiLLiZ

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One day u a guh dead!
Everyting lef behind, di coin dem ina yuh wallet,
and the eye dem in yuh socket.
Yet we live like we have forever.

What is the meaning of life?
To leave the world better than we saw it?
Or live yuh best life an nuh bizniss if yuh destroy it?

Yuh already know the answer.
But dem seh God fagive wi fi wi sin dem.
But weh nuh reach you might reach yuh children.

Yesterday mi best friend father dead in a hospital bed.
Mi never know wah fi seh, mi tell him;

"a just fi him time,and him live fi him life to the fullest,
mek wi live fi wi own".

Mi friend big and tuff but me hear the weeping ina him soul.
Lawd have mercy.

Me talk to him father pon mi likke walk,
and the breeze start blow is like me could a hear him thoughts.


Last night mi open mi door
and people deh a mi yaad as usual like before.
"Is wah, party a keep?"
"No, a seven years since Yuka Rest in peace"

Pass mi glass mek mi drink and eat wid unu.
Mek mi drown mi sorrow den go a work tomorrow.
Not even hangover me nuh get again,
it come een like me and the spirit dem turn friend.

All di dead did a drink,
one glass by har pretty picture, smiling face,
while we a wonder if she really find har paradise place.

Stucky, him did look like a leprechaun,
and same way him did ginal and laugh like one.
Pon di corner we used to smoke and give nuff joke,
but him did suh small him always did a choke.

Facebook posts coming like the new obituary,
cause nuhbody nuh call again, tell the truth,
a same way nuff a unu find out bout unu long time friend?
But noting nuh wrong, a just di times.

Walk good mi G, mi hope dem have Ganja a heaven,
cause if a only hell, then yuh woulda tell God,
"put mi pon the next flight go a lucifa international airport".
What a bredda did love di herbs.

Just give thanks fi life everyday yah,
dats all we can do, give thanks when yuh wake and when yuh sleep.
Give thanks fi di people dem ina yuh life, lover, fambily or friend,
even di dutty john crow dem, just give thanks!

Wi nuh know the time nar the hour,
but when missa dead come yuh fi look pon him and say;

"Mi live out weh fi live out, mi love weh fi love,
ready when yuh ready, mi tank full a life and me never lef empty."


This poem is written in Jamaican patois, if you don't understand, just now it is English in its most fluid and raw form. I think you will understand though hehehe.


Death is not something I handle very well. Though I know your words are serious and truthful, I’m not at that place where I can say, “one day yu a guy dead” just yet😔 Good writing mi Genna!👊🏾

yeah. I kmnow the feeling and I felt the same way, but we just have put we trust in God ad live out weh fi live out.

Hello Brother.
Wow, you have moved things in me, you have truly moved me. You have brought back memories of a great loss.
You have done and shared something very beautiful here, and no doubt that comes from a very big feeling.
I am sorry for the loss, I am sorry for your loss, it seems that those strong moments that we lived, those mixed emotions, serve us to understand later that we have to enjoy life, and the people that we frequent.
A hug from a distance @dmilliz.

Glad you appreciate it. I thought many would be afraid to even comment but you know , it is a part of life.
Thanks man. And indeed we can't get remined enough to enjoy life and not make the little things get to us because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

Let us enjoy our blink of a life.

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Yes, brother, I believe that in this aspect there is still a taboo. Not recognizing death as part of life is a mistake. Surely there will be those who do not know what to say and prefer to omit a comment. But, sooner or later, we will end up facing a loss, if we don't like it, and we will even lose our life at some point and move on to another stage, it is natural law, we cannot fight against it.
It is up to us to learn, and to live.
Good day my friend.

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Strong poetry. I felt the emotion while reading it.

Facebook posts coming like the new obituary

Especially this is a strong statement of how current times are.
Sorry about your friends father. Dealing with lost loved ones can be hard, but this is a good way of doing it.

Jamaican patois is easy to understand when heard, but reading is a bit more challenging. I had no trouble understanding it, but my reading speed was cut in half. 😅

Thanks man, poetry is a good way to get the feelings out especially when you live in a place like Japan where people don't express themselves much and expect you to do the same.

Yeah man, I can imagine, the patois should sound familiar too. The island vibes is 😄 the reading indeed can be a bitch, even the writing as there is no right way to spell a lot of the words 😆

As long as you find a way to express them. Keeping everything bottled up is never a good thing.

@JustinParke here on behalf of the ReggaeJAHM Community.

I didn't wordsmithery was in your list of skillsets too. What's next? I expect nothing less than you playing a traditional Japanese instrument for the next post. But on a more serious note, I would love to see a video of you speaking Japanese with locals, would love to see how you vibe with them.

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