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RE: Protests for life / Photography and Song (APART initiative)

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I had no idea this was taking place in Columbia. It seems "everywhere is war". People are frustrated and fed up globally it seems. These men on the front line need to be more responsible, but at the sometime I'd never want to be a police officer. It is one of the toughest and most stressing jobs out there. Bob songs last the test of time and motivate is even today. His message is a powerful that we should live by. Thanks for the informative APART post man. Lets hope things settle down in the world soon. So much to be grateful for, so much to lose.

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Yes @dmilliz, the world in general is really frustrated and not very comfortable with those above.
We have to take care of ourselves more and more, and of different things, social, diseases, wars, so many things in which some humans spend time when we could be much better, from the humanity.
It's complicated, but we have to keep ourselves safe.
Let time continue to show that Bob had a great truth exposed in his songs.