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RE: Eugène Drenthe: The Spiritual Playwright from Laarwijk Suriname

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Very well written and informative post! Makes me want to I’ve inn mmh to my own history I know very little about!

His plays seem before their time, must have been a school to talk about some of tie issues in those days. Hearing about greats like this makes you want to be great!

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I've always been fascinated about history and the stories of people who were. Only, I wasn't as active into searching for information though, for a very long time; I guess I got distracted 😅
But am happy to have picked it up again.

I know. Even now are some of the topics that he touched upon still taboo. But that's the great thing about art, it opens up the dialogue in a way that makes it easier to "digest" the information and the truth and the not so easy topics.

In high school we needed to do plays of Shakespeare and other writers, but now I want to see the next generations enact plays of our very own writers.