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Hey hey ! Welcome to HIVE and the Reggaejahm community. Glad you took the leap and joined @bjblendah!
The blogging will become a part of you and you will wonder how you lived without it. 😂
I am looking forward to seeing your growth as a blogger and all the content you gonna post. Holla at me anytime if you got any questions, but Blenda is learning so fast you will probably be able to ask him everything 😎

Is that oxtail I’m seeing 👀 haven’t had that in ages!

Bless up Empress!


😎 Yes I, Thanks and Blessings To you @dmilliz and the ReggaeJAHM Community and all of HIVE 😇
So far I am Enjoying the whole experience! And have even lessened my time with other platforms to dive in here! 👍👍
The contests are fun and by earning points and 🪙 🥇 🥈 🥉 makes it even more Fun !
And Yes #Oxtail is one of many favorites in the household 🥩 🍚 and being a large family We Cook 👩‍🍳 🍛 I hope to be able to share something daily 😇
Have a Blessed day

Yeah , I meant to ask about that, 9 kids 😯 how do y’all do it? Must be a crazy house at times. I’m sunrises Blendah even has time to make beats with the kids banging down the door 🚪 😆

Very Carefully lol 😆 jk jk lol
But fortunately or unfortunately enough it’s not as it sounds , six {21 , 18 , 17 , 15 , 12 , 11 } were mine and become his bonus kids and two { 15 , 7 } were his and became my bonus daughters and then together we have a 7 month old Beebee. All aside from two { one of his and one of mine } The rest will still age one more year during 2022 , so for varying reasons it isn’t too often they are All together as two soon to be all three of my older children will of moved out , My Eldest has even made me a Ma’amMa already ❕ my first Granbeebee is soon to be 1 month old 😍
Although when mine were smaller and it was mostly just My Sis , her three kids { 18 , 16 , 15 } ( still to age one my year within 2022 🙂 ) n me n my six , the nine of them grew up closely together and sometimes when they are All together 12 of em 13 when my GOD son { 11 } is here from Florida 😊 They are soo quiet ❕❕
Being their age ranges you see them break off into separate groups sometimes , sometimes they are spread thin between different rooms Yet still watching the same TV show 😆 😆 so that is funny to say the least , It is also somewhat of a privilege when we get to have everyone together and beautiful to watch how they Miss one another when any amount of time goes by and yet they interact with each other as if no time has passed at all 🥲
Ok lemme stop for now I can go On n On about these kids 😇 👩‍🍼
But I will close by mentioning Almost All of them are also Musically Inclined as well 😊