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RE: Underwater Jamaica

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WOW I did not know Jamaica had so many dolphins in the wild. This is amazing footage. Your wife is Jamaican, that is cool, is she on hive?

Thanks for sharing this awesomeness dude. Did I just see a plane underwater? What part of Jamaica is this?


@dmilliz the plane is Runaway Bay, north coast. 25 mins from Ochi. Word has it they were Ganja planes seized and then sunk for artificial reefs. The boss aint on Hive :)
I'll share another underwater video tomorrow of 2 of my friends shooting invasive Lionfish in Negril

 last year 

Hahaha , yeah my wife can’t be bothered with it either. Interesting, ganja planes sunk for artificial reefs 🤔.

Looking forward to it due 🙌

That's interesting about the ganja planes.