Recently / finally met the Jamaican Ambassador for Japan! (Say 🙌🏾 Yes More )

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It’s interesting that I’ve done a bit of business with the Jamaican Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, but I’ve never met the ambassador or the first secretary. Covid has something to do with that and also I’m not much of a fan for the big city these days. Well let me rephrase that, I don’t like taking the train into Tokyo, if I were to drive, the parking cost would be ridiculous and I have so much to do in my own neck of the woods. All excuses, but good ones. ( Tokyo by train is about an hour and a half from where I live ).

It just so happened that the ambassador: Her Excellency ( feels so strange to type much less say that) Shorna-Kay M. Richards was in my prefecture giving a presentation at a university. Her second in command who I usually do business with informed me that she would be in town and also, that she likes to meet up with fellow Jamaicans when she travels across Japan.

There was no way I’d miss this opportunity. You see, over the last few months I’ve turned down some really BIG opportunities because of excuses, legitimate excuses I may say. One of the biggest missed opportunities recently was saying no to a Sean Paul concert I could have gotten into free and more than likely met Sean Paul as I’m in contact with his manager who actually invited me. Long story short is I knew about the concert before hand but forgot all about it until Urchin ( Sean’s manager) contacted me and asked “U plus one on the list?”. The concert was in the week on a Thursday, so my excuse was WORK and my part-time job and all that good jazz. But of course I didn’t say that.

WTF was I thinking saying no to that?

As you can see below, I could have already met the ambassador if I went to the concert. It would also be in a more exciting and memorable setting.



Anyways, with this post, I wanna remind you dear reader to say YES more. Especially to once in a life time opportunities, or even just the casual outing or volunteering. But of course, know your boundaries.

Back to the ambassador, it was a pleasure meeting her and the first secretary. We met in Starbucks for a short chat and she updated me on all the things the embassy was up to like getting Blue-mountain coffee in all Seven Elevens across Japan for the winter season and also aiding Jamaica’s oldest rum maker, Worthy Park Estate, find distribution in Japan. I told her about my woes of doing business in Japan and getting goods in from Jamaica and I also tried to pitch her Reggaejahm and the Jahm token to which I got a raised eyebrow 🤨. Yeah, that was not the time or place. After our short chat the Ambassador and the first secretary jumped in a chauffeur driven BMW 7 series into the cold towards Tokyo. Felt like I met the queen and prince of Wakanda 😂.

Until next time! Stay blessed!


Nice post mi bredda! Long time no talk.
Yo, what did you say or do to the ambassador to smile like that!?😉
And yes, you should have went to that Sean Paul concert!😱> One Life to live!
I will probably be in Jamrock in February...are you there around that time?🇯🇲
Bless Up!

Yo bredda! Long time indeed! You know she just love smile, I guess it's an ambassador thing. 😁.

Yeah man! I should have, but it done gone! Lesson learnt in life!

I'm looking to forward a yaard in Summer. Cool nuh, February flights should be nicely priced.

Bless Up Milliz! Ok, so you talking more August..right? (I'm looking to forward a yaard in Summer)

What an opportunity! I'm sure it helps strengthen business relations, too. Tbf, I'd raise an eyebrow too if I wasn't accustomed to the world of tokens and web3 community. But hey, maybe it's the first step to get her introduced to this part of the world.

Most definitely, some important
Events are coming up in 2024 I wouldn't have known about where I can rub shoulders with suppliers. Tokenwize, I think ambassadors are more on the bank and government side of things( literally ) 😂

It's important to take a shot at so many opportunities as we do not live to regret not giving kt a try. Yes, I will explore more come 2024.

I like the rythme of that! Explore more for 2024. LFG 😁

Yeah and cheers to that;

yes we should never say no to the opportunities coming towards us.

Yeah, but I feel it's something we do as we get older and have more responsibilities. But that in it self is an excuse 😆

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That’s a big opportunity
It feels sad that you have missed some big opportunities but I’m glad you met that amazing woman

We must always maximize every opportunity that comes our way

Seems like you had a missed opportunity with the Sean Paul concert, but meeting the Jamaican Ambassador in your prefecture turned out to be a memorable experience.