Shenseea - Dolly ( Produced by Chimney Records / Romeich Records )

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Brand New Shenseeea, this one is titled “Dolly”. Just by hearing the Riddim, one who is into the dancehall scene would now it was produced by Chimney records. Unlike many dancehall producers these days, the Chimney Record camp is sticking to the dancehall roots while also creating new sounds in the genre.

At first glance one would think this is Nicki Minaj as she is notorious for the “Barbie” slogan and branding ( I hope Barbie LTD is actually paying her). But Shenseea is keeping it gully, this ain’t Barbie but she’s pretty like a dolly. Now, one thing she makes clear is that even though she looks like a dolly, she has her own money, which she spends on her self and her name can’t be called up by Tom, Dick and Harry Toddler. Well she didn’t say it in those words but you get the point.

Give it a listen at let me know what you think below.

Release Date : Jan 4, 2022


Catchy and filled with vibes for sure, but doesn't stand out much from most of her other songs. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it I guess.
I'd listen to dancehall Nicki Minaj over the original any day of the week though. xD

 6 months ago (edited)

Hahaha you know that’s what many have been saying. Sound just like her other shit! I agree, saw flow same hot gyal boasting. But yeah if it ain’t broke… but am it might be broke 😂. Nicki and Cardi any day of the week but Steflon Don is coming for that crown in 2-3.

It's January, everybody's broke. xD

Steflon Don has to hope that in 2-3 there's not some other crazy genre the newest generation has thought up, rendering the previous irrelevant.

Nice Tune & Riddim! I am positively surprised about Shenseeas development. She doing better & better on all levels...Body looks also better than 2-3 years ago (with her Camel Toe on IG😅), and i think she has been pregnant, too, in this time...
A Good Look & Sound

You know a lot of her tunes di sound the same though. But it’s a formula that works for her. I think I heard that too but haven’t seen that belly getting bigger. Wonder if it’s a gimmick.

No Bredda, i think she had di Baby 1-2 years ago? Not sure...
Yeah, but even with her formula she raised the quality a little everywhere, also her Soca tunes, she keeps on collaborating with T&T...👍
The Carib tune Can you feel it , where she became part of the marketing...
She's doing her thing!Props

Oh ok! She was spreading some vibes the other day like she was pregz. She a gwaan Fi real! She got looks and the talent as well as the right management. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Nicki or Cardi collab soon.

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True, nice pick actually..Nicki or Cardi for a collabo...

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