Spread The Vibes Challenge- "Treat The Youths Right" By Jimmy Cliff

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My youngest Aijah with the mini fro surrounded by Saiya on the left, Rio holding Riko and Yuika with the peace sign during a Cherry Blossom Picnic we had. In the background one of my twins who refused to be in the pic but ended up in the pic 😆.

I was nominated by @justinparke to take part in the #SpreadTheVibes challenge. Gotta admire him and his family's perseverance in spreading good vibes through their top notch content and deeds on the Blockchain, as well as their resilience to overcome their situation with love, togetherness and critical thinking.

But what exactly is the #SpreadTheVibe challenge?

It is quite simple, though it may seem a little "challenging". All you have to do is react to the music that was shared with you. Then find a song you'd like to share, tell a story about the song or how it relates to you and nominate at least two others to #SpreadTheVibes.

Here are the full guidelines of the challenge:

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Your music selection and related story
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My Reaction to: Love Is Among by the "Wordsmith" Vaughn Benjamin

First off big respect to the late Vaughn Benjamin. I must admit, his is a catalogue that I haven't dived too deep into, but that is about to change as his music is the type of higher vibration I aspire to be on. Respect to @justinparke for sharing this song with me in this post and all the Midnite songs he has shared on the block.

This song, like most of Vaughn's, has an eternal message that any race or being can live by. I especially like the line where he says:

Cultivate love and loyalty.
Cultivate careful temperate speech.
Words make body temperature change degree
Inside a' human being.

These are simple but profound words that believe it or not are major keys to becoming successful in the truest sense. Not just in the PHD and money spree type of way but the type of success that includes true friendships, humility and an overall God like love for the planet and its beings.

One could even use these words as an affirmation to help them to navigate through life in a very wise manner that would help attract the right people, vibes and opportunities.

Just found Vaughn's as well as Midnite's Spotify and followed them. Will be listening to them my commutes.



My #SpreadTheVibes Tune : "Treat The youths Right" By Jimmy Cliff.

Today I went into work after a few days of teleworking and moderating meetings. I teach English to junior high school students alongside a Japanese teacher ( I am actually losing my English living here). Today we had a long meeting and a major part of that meeting was making all the teachers aware of the different "problems" various students had.

Issues ranged from ADHD, to domestic violence and even suicidal thoughts and a dozen other issues you can imagine on your own. The point I want to make is children are really sensitive to physical and verbal abuse....neglect as well. These factors can really make or brake the personality of a child and their direction in life.

Seeing these students, being aware of what they are going through and realising why they do what they do makes me realise just how delicate the mind of a child is....adults too.

This song by Jimmy Cliff reminds me to Treat the Youths right, say the right words, make the time, play with them, listen to them, encourage them and also to remember that I am not living for myself but for the youths, not just my children but for all the children.

Some lines that also got me thinking were these below.

What was hidden from the first resurrection
Now revealed in the second resurrection
What was hidden from the first generation
Now revealed to the fifth generation

I interpreted it as children growing up faster in these times and being exposed to things at an earlier age. It could also mean that secrets of our existence will be revealed to them as well. So the youths will have a lot on their minds more than we ever had as children and teens. So it is even more important than ever before to Treat The Youths Right


I'd like to nominate @fruityfruitz and @bearmol to this challenge. They can janken to see who does it or they can both do it. 😆. I have never seen these two do a music post so it is a good challenge to flex the creative muscles. To read more about the #SpreadTheVibes Challenge by @edje & @mipiano, see this post here. But if you are too lazy to go look, here are the main things from the post..

To give a little direction to how we "Spread to Vibes", a few guidelines below.

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your reaction to the music that was shared with you
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😃Nice challenge. You know you’re right. I’ve never added a music video.
😂😂Di janken part is very funny. We’ll take the challenge man.
Mi a go talk to mi selecta! 😂
We need to figure out how to add a music video. 😂

Hey, seriously I've lost so much of my English. So often, "I can't find" that word". Posting/blogging here is helping me so much. Words are coming back little by little. I have several books to read hoping to improve as well as enjoy.

 7 days ago 

You know all you have to do to add YouTube links is just copy and paste the link. That simple.

Right !!! The blogging really help to maintain and build our vocabulary that we lose here. Mi a tell yuh! Nuff times can’t find the the right words and ummm ummm 🤔 😂! It ruff!

Mi need fi read little more miself.

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Really? That’s it? Okay , I’ll give it a try. I realize we have to be careful with sources and such here so I’ve been approaching with much caution. 😅

For real. You know we get in the habit of just explaining things simply with fewer words then those few words become a constant. 😆😂

That's the message, mi Bredda! Protect the children 😀
Considering this, please check:
I didn't know that you're a teacher...nice!

 7 days ago 

That micro string look away! If them things really being used as warfare to rass...

Yeah man! Don’t tell know body though cause we on some bad man ting too 😆

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"Bad man sweet teacher" 😅....Balance😉
Star, better double check your mask, if you wear any at all....not me😜
It's depopulation time...watch out!

@dmilliz Treating the Youths right is a great message to spread positive vibes brother. It’s an excellent way mitigate a spiral of negativity. They say hurt people hurt people. That being said, our role as a community of parents and teachers specifically, and adults generally, is critical in helping to chart a brighter future for the youths.

I’ll put on my thinking cap and try to spread some positive vibes too.
Nuff Respect bro.

 7 days ago 

Hurt people hurt people! Indeed , that is the essence of this Jimmy Cliff song. We need to get back to the village raising the child. Being a teacher here really makes me see the importance of that.

Yes man! Looking forward to the VIBES!
Bless up!

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Nice you got invited to this somewhat unusual challenge.

I am actually losing my English living here

Was hard for me to read your post, sooo much Japanese {LOL}

Jimmy Cliff

Don't know too much of what he all done, but this one I still remember and heard quite a lot. No idea what he is singing, since I never really listen to the stories sung by the singer, but listen to the embedded stories the instruments bring forward. Like this one. Is also a bit happy, which is good this week when the winter seemed to have returned to my tiny city of Amsterdam.

 7 days ago 

I was kinda surprised to see you were behind the challenge. Interesting vibes though bad it gives us reason to exploite and share!

Hahaha , I’m gonna start making videos in Japanese and see the response 😆

For some reason this song was in my mind yesterday. I haven’t heard or listened to it in years! But that’s the power of a good melody 🎶

Stay blessed @edje , enjoy the springing winter 🥶

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For some reason this song was in my mind yesterday. I haven’t heard or listened to it in years! But that’s the power of a good melody 🎶

Owww I can have that as well! Songs not heard for ages and then suddenly on repeat in the brains. Sometimes even songs that I not particularly like. The Jimmy one is indeed 'good melody'.


Hope you were positively surprised :)

Treat the youths right is one of my favorite Jimmy Cliff songs, the message is everlasting.

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 7 days ago 

Fi real, the song just pop in my head. Never here it on no radio or stream! The power of the melody 🎶

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You're up next @missaj

Looking forward to what @fruityfruitz and @bearmol bring to the table. This tune wasn't exactly one of Cliff's mainstream hits, but I quite like it. I didn't realize Vaughn had a Spotify presence. I am curious to see what songs jump out at you when you start digging in deeper. Keep us informed. Bless up!

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 7 days ago 

Me too! Wanna see them expand the content and also see the vibes they share!

Yeah man, will do. Was listening to a song today that mentioned “vaccine and quarantine” can’t remember the name though. But some real deep life lessons and some things I don’t even know what him talking about.! 😆

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