Utilizing Dbuzz & ReggaeJahm to Share Music, News , Articles within the Culture without the Fluff ( Including HipHop & R&B )

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@dbuzz has been a pleasure to use for me recently, as I don't have time to post a lot of long form content. It also feels more "politically correct" as the platform is for micro blogging and the payouts are set to be no more than $1 unless you specifically change the settings ( which they and I don't recommend you do.)

For awhile I have been thinking about music content on HIVE in terms of sharing YouTube videos or streaming links and keeping within the culture of long form original content.

I have come to the conclusion that most people don't read music posts here (unless it is an APART Post that deals with original photography and thought). 😉

What I have been doing?

Look, people just want to hear the song, unless you have some really good insight into the artiste and the truth is, many don't, and those who do, rarely get rewarded for that insight. ( I will personally continue to make long form music posts when the vibe is right though.)

What I have been doing is using Dbuzz to post links to songs, news, memes and other things I am digging and want to share without all the fluff. The thing is, I could post through Reggaejahm.com directly but it would have less eyes than Dbuzz as it is within one community and I would like to save my long form posts ( like this one ) for posting directly through Reggaejahm.com ( Damn Hive can be complicated). Also, posting through Reggaejahm.com automatically posts in the Hive.blog and Peakd Regaejahm community. Me personally, I'd rather see long form content in the community, but on Reggaejahm.com, I'd like to see more music, news, memes etc. I see it like Uptown and Down town in a sense. 😁. Uptown gives me the refreshing insight into peoples' lives and culture, while downtown, I get to see it all, from news to music to gossip you name it.

Here is some of the content I have been posting through Dbuzz

Dbuzz postReggaejahm post

As you can see, posting that meme of Bob Marley and Bernie earned me $1 on Dbuzz/HIVE and some decent JAHM ( Please take me off your auto vote guys 😅). And I could easily share what I found interesting, while reaching a wider audience through Dbuzz and still representing on the Reggaejahm.com feed. I didn't have to think of any fluff, just a quick intro as text is limited.

Dbuzz PostReggaejahm post

In the post above I quickly wanted to share this song by Protoje and Koffee that just came out, not just with the Reggaejahm community, but with the blockchain and Dbuzz was the perfect place to do it. Why?

  • There is the payout cap that is built in.
  • It ensures my text stays short and is to the point.
  • I can use #JAHM and get it over to Reggaejahm.com and earn JAHM while building up the feed.
  • It feels better posting content like this on Dbuzz as the HIVE culture is "LONG FORM" but not on Dbuzz at it has the payout constraints ( as I mentioned twice already)
  • It reaches a wider audience.
  • I can add #HASHtags for days on Dbuzz

ReggaeJAHM Being more Inclusive

Bring on the HipHop and R&B but.....

In this post here I asked the question "Should Hip Hop be included in the Reggaejahm feed?". Well here is the first step or test to see who wants to actually post about Hip Hop.

Have Hip Hop songs, news etc you want to share on Reggaejahm? Use Dbuzz and in your post use #JAHM ( There is a section for the tags) to get it on the Reggaejahm feed to earn JAHM tokens. If you have news , songs, articles you want to share from any of the genres below, JUST DO IT.

  • Reggaetón
  • Reggae
  • Dancehall
  • R&B
  • HipHop
  • Rap
  • Soca
  • Calypso
  • Afrobeats
  • Ska
  • Dub
  • Dub Step
  • Latin
  • Caribbean /African
  • Fusion ( EDM type reggae, Island Pop as they called it)

Most of these genres where already acceptable on Reggaejahm but not HipHop and R&B? That is really dawning on me now. But the thing is, HipHop and R&B already have strong representation and our focus is on the Reggae and Caribbean culture. But lets bring on the Hip Hop and R&B in this baby step, while sticking to our roots.

But for long form...

If you actually have a long form post about HipHop and it relates to the Caribbean or Reggae in some way ( Be creative ) then post it directly through Reggaejahm.com or through the community.

Posting HipHop or any genre of musical content that relates to Reggae or the Caribbean in some way, through the Music community on HIVE? Use #JAHM to get it on the ReggaeJahm feed and earn JAHM Tokens.


In conclusion

Share Music, Share News, Share fun within the culture.

I encourage you to use Dbuzz and share the music you are listing to, the latest news you read, articles you found interesting, memes etc. Use #JAHM to get it on the Reggaejham feed. Keep it within the culture of Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, and the genres that spun off of them or are within them. Reggae and Caribbean culture are the roots of Reggaejahm and we would rather not be everything to everybody, but we have ONE LOVE FOR ALL.



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Having all the other genres is next level! This is super exciting. I’m a huge hiphop and r&b fan, we’ve been needing a place to post and share music since forever.

Glad you excited to bro! Don't be a stranger in the community or on the tribe platform. Let me hear what you Jahmin to.

Collaboration and partnerships are key to move forward

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Indeed it is Bro! Even if it’s in a small way! Big up Nathan!

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DBuzz certainly has a position in our ecosystem (did you know the Leo Finance team will also realise a microblogging service, they plan to launch this separate from Leo Finance with its own token?).

Music posts. Am not too sure what is happening withing ReggaeJahm, but across the board at our HIVE chain, I see quite a few users creating posts about some artist or band and writing all sort of widely available content in the post, usually not adding anything personally. In my daily curation rounds in the music side of things, I usually skip those, since I don't think such posts adds any value. But I may vote for posts with just a single sentence added to some music share, but this needs to be genuinely personal of nature.

Great message you give in your post regarding the use of microblogging service to share music, and why DBuzz at this stage, is the best service to do so.

 3 months ago (edited)

Yes I heard about the Leo micro blog , I wish they would help dbuzz with theirs instead of building another one but I guess they have different goals. Will be using them both.

Yeah, the music posts need a personal touch and if not just a few lines with links to the music. I usually just jump straight to the song if it seems interesting but if it's well presented, I'll take a read.

I have found Spotify embeds or Apple music are good as u get a preview of the song and can decide wether to listen later, doesn't work on tribes though but good for Peakd posts, a content creator could go through a coule songs well with meaningful input without galvanizing your time.

Thanks for the coming and support man! Much appreciated!

I think the setup by Leo Finance team is much better than DBuzz. Different types of services shall get their own reward pool. Something DBuzz had major issues with the HIVE community before they limited the maximum payout. And what I read from your post, this limit is optional. Leo is planning a different token for their microblogging service.

I'm sometimes wondering how many (or few) users actually press the play button of some music. Some do, but many don't, I think. I do, but have to decide to give a powervote or not :)

Just checked Audius, installed the App on laptop and subscribed. When subscribing, I thought: COOL, they link in Spotify and Soundcloud. Tunred out I was just reading and concluding too quick. They just compare their bandwidth quality with the other services. I do hope for the best for Audius, but again one of the so many silo plays in music crypto platforms. Getting a little sad over this :(

Keep the cool post coming in the HIVE chain, and we'll meet more often :)

 2 months ago (edited)

Different token ! Interesting. Leo definitely has the resources,, the devs and team to create some cool stuff!

That’s true , many don’t click those links ,that’s why I feel the Spotify 30 sec embed is a cool way to showcase music you like, it has that time limit and you don’t have to gage when to stop!

Yeah I didn’t even bother to download audios, just looking at the website was a choone , music coin déjà-vu 😂

Maybe you are the one to get it right 🤔

Keep on inspiring and engaging. It is appreciated 🙏

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I have ideas, but need devs and business people with passion to get things rolling. That said, I tried various service concept, to get people for it, starting with devs within our own community. No success. All have their own plans. Recently I contacted Viberate and gave them some hints what they could do with HIVE and offered them some support when they like. Lets see what happens on that front :)

A lot of content there, somehow it does seem to speak to Me!
I am going to have to go through this again!
Thanks for all the tips!
Right up My ally!
And yeah...
Cooking, and Stories work best here, somehow...
Someone should make something like this,
Art only - Music / Graphics
You have a Blessed Mid-Week!

Oh snap, and I said I was gonna keep it short 😄
I will do better next time. Yeah, nothing beats a recipe post or one about HIVE, Travel comes next.

Enjoy the week too bro!

This is a good way to check out what the users would prefer.
I've myself used D.buzz for a couple of posts and it's indeed useful if you need to get straight to the point.

It's also a good training for those who have a need to have a long intro before getting straight to the point; I know because I'm on of them 😅😂
But is helpful.

Ah yes , sometimes i forgot what even an intro is 😂

But fi real I’d like to see peeps sharing music they like and links they reading, information is valuable, but of course we can’t forget the personal post that let us know each other.

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Haha true, but by sharing links and articles or information, that also shows you what people are interested in.
But the stories where people write longer posts, does give insight in what's going though someone's mind at the moment or gives you a peek into their "daily" life.

Let's make use of both options I would say.

Yes indeed! Got keep on putting the word out as we know how attention is! But sometimes a link is better than an interpretation.

Yeah mam, the options always open and the HIVE culture is gonna get more used to the microblogging with dbuzz and Leo’s “ Project blank”

Let's go 💪