“HOLD ON” Demo Recording!

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Blessed Tuesday Jahmin Hiverz!
I made this demo while driving in my car on the way from work.
Again I used the bandLab app to get the idea down but still haven't had the time to actually record it usung proper equipment.

The photo is an interesting story, I got a free artiste photoshoot session late last year when my friend asked if my kids could model for their apparel and printing company. I didn't realize the entire family would be models. So like a real opportunis, I asked the photgrapher to take some artiste like photos. Imagine, the company flew the photahraphy way from up north in Hokaido, and we were in kanto.But thats how you look out for your peeps while writing off taxes.

Oh, the effects on the image? I diwloaded an app called "motion leap". The plan was to delete it before the subscription started but we know how that goes sometimes.

I made this track after hearing that I just got laid off from work, hence the puchline of the verse. Now I am thinking I wanna do a collab on this track and there will be no chorus. It will be the intro to an upcoming EP I am working on.
I left the instrumental playing after I did the verse so the crestives could vibe too.

Holla at me, let me know what you think.

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Nice idea, lyrics & beat, Bredda!
What!? You got laid off from work ?
What was Babylons reason? Forced Vaxx??
F.. them, Cryptos blowing up soon!😉
1 Love & stay strong

 10 days ago 

Yeh man! All of the employees in my "department". Babylon basically was saying "reassessment of needs" but who knows, it wasn't vax though, but that made the song relatable to what going on. I am glad, but disappointed in them and I too believe crypto will boom and help many ride the waves. Blessings!

Oh, and Babylon don't need any teachers no more..!? Tsss...
Ya mon, truly times to take care of oneself by oneself...
Keep the vibes, Bredda... after "the Storm" there will be
Better Times for we!😉

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My head isn't so clear.. bad day, yes. But I loved the beat, vibing to it like it'd take my sorrows.

You got laid off from work? How are you keeping up? Sorry about that.

 10 days ago 

Thanks! The recording isn't so clear but hey...

Yeah I did but the countdown is on for April. So there is time. I will be fine, things always work out for me (as the song says 😉 )

Hi Bro, first comment I make after months of inactivity on the platform. I believe that difficult times test us, and I'm sure you will be able to solve whatever comes your way, because you are made of good material, better and better things will come because you vibrate in positive, and people like you, always do well.
Greetings. By the way, while listening to the song, I could not stop moving my head, so the rhythm is there, and the energy moves. Greetings

 9 days ago 

Hey Jose! Good too see you have on the block !

Man, a very inspiring comment from yah! I appreciate it! It really means a lot. Sometimes we need to motivation to help us maneuver through tjr current stream of life.

One good thing that will come out of this situation hopefully more time to create.

I hope all is well with you and the wife. Again, glad to see you back. All the best in the year of the tiger 🐯 where bravery is key.

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Woah, great music @dmilliz

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Keep up the good job! 😍😍😍

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You guys really motivating people to post up on Twitter. I wish more people would, more than just their content but just look for opportunities. Keep up the good work.

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Cheers bro

The Beat is money, too....your Breddas beat?
I would spit some over it & let Babylon know whagwaan..😉

 10 days ago 

Yeah man! Bredda tings! Yeah I basically was asking you indirectly if you wanna hop on 😄

Send me di beat, Star😉
Let's give Babylon a "beating"😜

 10 days ago 

Alright, sending your way,

Cool...soon come

Ayo this is fire fam! You should post this track for this music contest I am hosting for #psyberx!
I love the dark vibes on this one!

 9 days ago 

Thanks for the info and compliment. I will look into it when I get a chance. Blessed day ahead bro!

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Yoo would love to hop on this

 9 days ago 

Bro I didn’t know you flowed! I thought you were a track star ⭐️

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Damn.... A pokoe tranga! (translate: that song is rockin'!) Sranan is a little hard to translate literally, but I hope you get the gist.

You should definitely record this one 👍.

Hope you'll find something else better and soon. Like they say "when one door closes, the Lord opens a window".