🎶🎉🥳 “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!” 🎶

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I thought for Dashout Sunday I’d dash out this fruit arrangement.

The other day my friend dropped by my place for a short time. Together we made it. She gave me the lovely idea and it was so enjoyable and easy. I really wish we had more time on that day but I had to go to pick up the kids and then carry them to do some calligraphy.

Ingredients, Utensils and Materials That Were Used

We used a few slices of orange, a few slices of lemon, a few balls of apple and we were done in just a few minutes. We dipped the balls in salt water to prevent them from turning brown too quickly. The utensils we used were a knife and a fruit baller. We used white paper for the background and a red marker for the strings (which I should have done more neatly 😆😂)

The fruits here are a good source of vitamin C. We also made some lemonade which reminded me of growing up in Jamaica. Lemonade was and is a common, refreshing drink there. Then, I made the drink from freshly picked limes from my backyard. My parents would often ask my siblings and I to get limes from the tree. I’ve always wondered why we called it “lemonade” and not “limeade”. Haha.






I really loved the fruit arrangement because it was simple, quick and celebratory. I would like to do it again.
To be honest, I really love colors and balloons. They add excitement to the air. The same excitement kids feel when they get balloons, is probably the same excitement I feel. After all, adults are just grown-up kids, right?
Now, to have fruity balloons is like putting icing on a cake.

Celebratory Moments

What moments do you like celebrating the most?

We often celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new births, the completion of studies and so on. They’re are so many different ways of celebrating. Some ways may be cultural while others may be of personal preference.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses and as one of my friends would say, “Even rose plants have pricks”. Even with all the challenges it brings, I believe life is worth celebrating.
Sorry this isn’t a reggae tune but there’s one song that readily comes to mind when I think about celebrating:

😃Have a great weekend and enjoy the week ahead.

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Love the fruit 🎈 very creative!
Always something to celebrate eeh! Right yah now me a celebrate the GW

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Thanks man. Really a nice idea from a friend. Lol!! You know!! Mi a celebrate it to. Love it. Trying to use the time to make some posts and chill. 🎉🎉🥳

Those fruit balloons are popping.

😃Haha! Thanks! Nice play on words there.

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Thank you.

Let the citrus fly!! Celebrate orange times, c'mon!

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😂Haha!!It’s flying real high, like birds in the sky...Come on! Whoo hoo!🥳