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RE: #DashoutSunday πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Vegetable Fried Rice 🍚 Suriname Chinese Restaurant Takeaway Food + 🐡 Fun With Monkey-B 🌴

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Hi Brot, it doesn't look bad really.
But from what I've seen you've presented here on the platform, I'm sure you could do a lot better. I'm sure you could. But sometimes we don't want to cook. That can happen, indulging is not bad.
Monkey-b looks happy playing the tree, she looks very good with the natural.

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Yeah, it was edible, but mostly we ate it because we couldn't stir-fry at our old place as we only had a hotplate for cooking. Our new place has a gas stove, so I bought a wok from the Chinese shop, now the fried rice gets made at home and with more vegetables. Bless up Jose!! !ENGAGE 30 !wine

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