A Silly Goose Time In Suriname 🤪 Childish Humor To Survive The Day 🤡

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Sometimes I have to be a clown to keep my family in good spirits, so while fetching water today I took the opportunity to solicit a cheap childish laugh from my wife.

Hard Times 🤔 Cheap Entertainment


     Limited access to funds, overpriced and limited fruits and vegetables, intermittent water, and now recently a propane drought, are all facts of life in Suriname my family and I deal with each day as we simply try to stay sane in a country we long to leave.


     These various hardhips lead to a lot of boredom, and now one of the most exciting things each day is feeding banana skins to Harry the lamb. I was never into sheep for any reason, but this particular little guy is very intelligent, gentle, and inquisitvie.


     Some distant neighbors also have a new puppy, and it comes over each day to chase Harry around and claim new territory. Today it was interested in our new cooking area and all the new smells it provided. Harry is still the only animal allowed inside our house because he has earned his all-access VIP pass, which entitles him to one half of a cashew each day.

Bucket Runs 🏃‍♂️



     Our water problem is a semi-permanent one, coming from a failure of the state to provide enough water pressure. Our tank is both too far and too high to be filled by the "new normal" water pressure we've had for the last several months, and our water pump is a state of perpetual repair even when there does happen to be a few inches of water in our tank.


     To our already extremely busy days, we now have to add time for ten to fifteen bucket runs. The landlord's house is close to the road, so his tank is usually full or at least has some water in it.

Time For A Cheap Laugh 🙅‍♀️


     Knowing Pov was watching me fill the buckets, a childish urge took over, and I couldn't help but pretend I was peeing the water into our buckets. I realize it is low-hanging comedic fruit, and definitely doesn't compare to even a humble perfectly timed fart, but regardless, I managed to get some chuckles from the missus.


     Satisfied with my comedic and aquatic responsibilities, I headed back to the triplex with lopsided walk. That's all for today folks, sorry I don't have the time lately to share recipes or more interesting content.


Monkey B

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Your first picture is a lot of people who think otherwise.
If they don't see your blog, hehehehe.

I realize the thumbnail is responsible for a lot of the traffic a post gets, so I guess it means I should be doing more of these cheeky thumbnails.


When I saw the first photo, I first thought, what is he doing?! Making his loved ones laugh in hard times is a skill that not everyone possesses. Maintain this ability. It can bring a little light into a dark day.

You can put the banana peels next to unripe fruit. Bananas contain the ripening gas ethylene. Thus, the fruit ripens faster.

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The ole' fake peeing trick, can't believe it worked, but it made me laugh more than my wife. I haven't seen them in Suriname, but there are places in the Caribbean that have banana gas houses where they pump synthetic ethylene into giant closed warehouses to ripen up green bananas, super common in Jamaica.

We used to use bananas to ripen other fruits, but nowadays bananas are the only thing available, and even they are often hard to find. I'm gonna overdose on fruit when I go back to Cambodia. First things first, gonna buy a whole jackfruit and see if I can finish it one go.

LoL being able to laugh at yourself takes the stress off your mind. Harry is cute, so is the other little fellow.
Hope things improve for your family.

Harry and Monkey-B together are infinite cuteness, definitely a pleasant distraction. Of course I always try and solicit some cheap laughs too.

The thumbnail made me go😂 I knew its not what it looks like. Still.

Looks you had a beautiful time
And you cheered me as well.
Thank you

Glad my fake peeing stunt has brought joy to some folks, that cheap trick is worth more than any post payout, but I like money too.

Cheap and free entertainment is actually the best anyway, especially when it's so varied from a sheep called Harry in the house to buckets and everything else in between.

Ever thought about eating your banana skins?

If we were "woke" and lived in the USA, Harry would be our emotional support animal. About the banana skins, perhaps it was you or someone else, but I remember seeing a post about mock bacon made from them. That didn't turn me on because I don't like meat or meat-ish things.

However, I was interested to know that they can be/are edible. My only problem with that is that Suriname is a modern country that loves to use pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide. Because banana skins are soft and porous, I'd only be willing to try eating banana skins that came from a tree I watched grow.

Haa yes and I'm sure Harry would really take his job seriously too! 🤣

Yes it was me that made the facon bacon- which was delicious in it's own right, not really tasting like real bacon anyway, don't forget it was full of herbs, spices and sweetness too and I do recommend trying it for yourself- like I said, it was wayyyy better than real bacon- different and divine in it's own right...

And yes, to eat the skins, you should go for organic- for everything really anyway if you can...and green bananas are just as good for you if not better than the riper yellow nanies and the green ones are the ones that get wasted and thrown by the tonnes by most growers every too...

Check this out...https://www.naturalevolutionfoods.com.au/story/

Hi hi.. Justin.. great post.. If one day you leavve Suriname, I wonder what happens to Harry? It is great to still be a clown sometimes to make others happy. I sometimes do peculiar things too. =) haha have a great day.

Shame we can't take Harry with us, but I'm curious to see how his personality will change when his "balls drop." Will he act like his Dad "Gigantorballs," or he will choose a more difficult path, and live to control his testosterone induced feelings?

His ball are gonna drop? hahaha.. Imagine it rolling down.. I guess if those dingling gigantors do not fall, he is gonna have a hard time not being able to use his DNA. =) haha.. At least for the time being he is well taken care of..

Hahaha, you always make us happy. Oh those pictures are beautiful, who took those pictures for you?

I have a wonderful wife named @sreypov that helps me with photos when my arms are not long enough.

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You know what is funny, you might think this is "not so good content" but it is way better than a lot of the stuff we see on HIVE everyday. Bless up for keeping the humor and the balance as you.

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That means a lot, give thanks. I am always trying to find the right balance between conscious and clown. I can't wait til we get back to Cambodia.....already imagining all the content we will share. Bless up!

It's simply a "MAN" thing ~ We just !LUV the opportunity for Toilet Humor 🤣

  • Sending you some !PIZZA for making me SMILE 🍕

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Thanks for the love and snacks, glad you enjoyed my slapstick humor.

Absolutely 🤣


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You really know how to make an interesting thumbnail photo. I like your red turban by the way. Let's hope they don't have buffalos around, I heard they get agitated easily seeing red.

Haha, I would be a great buffalo stampede target, noted.

the first picture made me laugh haha

"Look, I'm peeing!" I said. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still works.

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Really a funny day for you. 😁

I try to keep things entertaining when I can.

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The landlord's place is well kept.
And I would've laughed also for such a silly joke 🤭.