3Speak Snafu - Don't Vote

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3Speak Mistake Post - Don't Vote

Apparently 3Speak posted from the accounts of several Hivers, and I am not the only one affected by this. Please downvote this post to zero if possible to maintain the value of HIVE.


Please don't take the downvote personally. Simply helping correct a mishap.

I don't know why this has been published. I think my daughter was in my account, this an old video.

No there was a problem with 3speak. Many people published old work. Mistakes happen. You're not at fault. Not a big deal. But it sucked a lot out of the pool for no reason so I'm just putting some of that back.

Crapola! This sucks, I've had a near flawless record as far misposting. I'm not an O.C.D. personality, but this eyesore is gonna make me one. I'm downvoting this post with all the accounts I have access to, wife, kids, community, etc. What a hot mess! I just chewed out my daughter thinking surely she made a mistake, I've got some apologizing to do.

LOL! Yes that girl better get her favorite meal tomorrow LOL! It's all good though.

Couldn't resist voting 🙂 because it reminds me of those crazy days when this stuff was happening. It happened to me as well. And seeing an old post that inexplicably appeared early in the morning, scared me a lot. It was a weird, otherworldly experience. I even felt some mysterious presence in the room for a second. 😂

No worries, I definitely won't stop you. I am so regretful for thinking my daughter somehow accidentally logged into my account and giving her a bit of a tongue-lashing. Every time I think 3Speak has its act together, another blooper is born.


I've already saw "Don't Vote" but I wanted too. And as I read the content it's really not your fault. That is why I voted it.😊

No worries, I just fear all these accidental postings contribute to bringing down HIVE's value, basically because there are more rewards being distributed than normal, so the overall value has to come down with it.

Ahhh I see. Now I understand why.

Happened to me as well. A video blog post from Feb 2021 was made as a new post.

So bizarre, I just wish 3Speak would have a month of no glitches or bloopers.