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Too true, and I've seen some documentaries about the current food culture in China, downright shameful. From using recycled cooking oil to countless illegal chemicals that are now used to mimic old cooking techniques and flavors they are now too lazy to make the old way.

The world is upside down, and it's funny I saw some of these chemical colorings and artificial flavorings from the documentary film in a Chinese warehouse shop on the outskirts of town.

Well, at least at our new place we have a proper gas stove. This post is a bit dated cause it's from the restaurant next to our old place on Brokopondolaan. We got a mom and pop roti shop on our new street that sells veggie rotis for 10 SRD, not a bad deal at all.


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Lol, the Chinese always play a big role in turning the world upside down.
Srd 10 is not bad at all, as long as they are of reasonable size. Those mom and pop shops usually know what they are doing. Far better than the commercialized ones.