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RE: Di Genuis At The Apple Music Producer Lab Showing His Riddim Creation Stratedgy.

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Pretty Cool to watch!
Thanks for sharing!

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It surely is. I wish I could make beats

Actually I can, or anything else (Musically) with a setup like he had there (seriously)!
Here are two examples from last month...
Kinda shows the spectrum, and I can hit anything in-between.
I admit this might not be Your style of music, but I made both using the same method...
Have a listen!

Let Me know what You think, and if you anybody looking for anything...
Toss My name in the hat!
Have a Great Sunday!

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Dude those are some quality beats! I dig em. That last one had me singing like Red Hot Chilly peppers. Do you play the guitar yourself in the last one? Sounds fresh.

Hey there!
I just followed You and noticed...
That Your into the Carribean thing,
That is exactly what I am working on!

Hello There!
Thanks A Bunch!
First - "No, I did not play the guitar on the last track", but...
I "Can" play everything there, maybe not the 12 string...
But the other guitars, bass, organ, not a problem...
Funny it's like this....
I play guitar / bass for a long time, but for the last few years I have done "Zero"...
On October 1st., I decided to dive back in - they say it's easier today - a correct statement.
So I went online and downloaded a lot of software, apps, beats, etc..
And made 3 songs..
That got My confidence up, so I said "WTF", and made the video, which I showed to a friend. The reply was, "if You can do it again, then it's something", otherwise it's just a fluke, smoke and mirrors crap...
So I took 4 days and made the second one. I had a pile of "unusable guitar tracks". I found one that had a ruff that I play all the time to "warm-up", or used to and just went with it.
My friend even commented that they recognized My riff (guess it's standard practice)..
So that's about it, been at it a month - trying to see what's possible, like everybody else! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚
Well there it is, I am working on another right now, I think it needs a few more days in the "oven"... Ha ha ha!
Have a Great Upcoming Week?
If You need something, let me know I'm "sure" we can work out something!