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Hi Reggaejahm,

since 2 posts i can't embed the YT-Videos.
I always get "Video unavailable" while i'm
creating the post in peakd.
This here is supposed to be a little selection of
some nice classic Love Reggae songs...not that romantic
Love, more that brotherly & sisterly Love ,
that Love that we all need in these times...
Bless Up

Barrington Levy - Vice Versa Love

Wayne Wonder - L.O.V.E.

T.O.K. - I believe

Let me know if y'all can see/play the videos (i see 4 grey screens in peakd right now, still i wanna see what comes out if i post this...)





Message received loud and clear.

1 Love 😉

After posting i can see the thumbnail in peakd, but when i try to play the video:
"Video unavailable"😏

yeah ! They work fine on Reggaejahm. I guess peakd is blocking out youtube videos. Gonna pree these later.

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Thanks for the feedback, star! You are right, it gotta be peakd, because they are playing fine in the Hive.Blog too .