Dropping the video in 3,2…

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Yes mi fren! I promised you the video to the concert and without much ado I’m here to drop it for you!
In the article, I told you how much I enjoyed myself , now you can see and enjoy it too. It’s a little bit over an hour and a half. You can digest it in small portions: the first gospel, a mix of covers and and originals both in English and Japanese. Section two is pure Jamaican folk music - rated E for everyone. You will enjoy the drama 🎭 and fun stories contained within folk music. We modified a few do that our mainly Japanese audience could also enjoy the folk music but believe me , it was undiluted. Section three is where you can skank to a few recognizable reggae tunes. Dance with us , laugh with us and come back and tell me your impressions.






 4 days ago 

Yes I! Shall tune in over di weekend!

Waiting for your impressions!

Lovely, I'll look forward to sitting down and enjoying this 😍

I sure hope you enjoy it. I’m waiting for your comment right here :)

Loving the video bro I'll definitely reblog this one too.

Give thanks 🙏