I bring you sorrel

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Every year from about October, Jamaicans at home and abroad start looking for their sorrel, to make the traditional Christmas drink named after the plant. My grandpa would plant the sorrel and we would reap our own. It takes about 6 months to bear.

Sorrel like so many plants in the Caribbean apparently has some origin in West African where it is known as “Roselle”. According to scientist, it is from the hibiscus family. Until recently, I thought sorrel was just a Jamaican thing. However, I saw a Trinidadian friend giving thanks for her dried sorrel and salivating at the thought of mixing it with rum.That led me to do some digging and it seems Sorrel may also be found in some parts of Europe under different names.


Though it is only a drink to most of us in the Caribbean , the leaves are eaten in some areas around the world in small proportions. The plant is apparently rich in vitamins and nutrients. It is said to be a rich source of vitamin c. It is used by some to treat inflammation and other ailments. My Alma Mata has been at the forefront of research on sorrel. In their studies, they found that sorrel can be used to kill certain cancer cells. Sorrel
Since I’m no doctor , please contact one to find out if sorrel can be used for anything you might have or you are trying to avoid.
Some people say it’s difficult to make the drink, I will hit you with an easy recipe later this week. Stay tuned.

 11 months ago (edited)

Long time nuh nuh drink nuh sorrel with white rum. Woulda do me good in this cold weather yah. Looking forward to the recipe.

Yo long time mi nuh hear dat song 🎵. Tune! Dem haffi guh play dat when you touch down 😆

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It easy fi mek yout. Re the song / it had to be one of my favorite Christmas songs 😆

I had sorrel with white rum Christmas 2016 in Jamaica!
Let's fix it for Christmas 2022 in Jamrock😉

Mr P made some spiced sorrel for the holidays, it was delicious :)

You can’t go wrong with sorrel. Watch out for my recipe:)

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