This Is Jamaica !

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I came accross this video via WhatsApp and had to share it! In the video a musician can be seen doing a video shoot leaning on a Mercedes benz surrounded by the camera crew. A very attractive looking woman I must say. To the side, a so called “mad man” as we call them in Jamaica watches the works and gets into the groove of the song. The video while funny and going viral shows the HUGE gap between the rich and poor in Jamaica. It is the same scene I saw in LA. As jack ass say, the world nuh level ( the world is not a leveled playing field). One thing is for sure, this “mad man” has made this artiste go viral. I don’t even know who she is.

I do not own this video and am only sharing for promotional services and insight.

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Crazy...but a good video to make (some) people overstand.
the world nuh level
Sad, but true...hopefully we reach more balance asap...

I have definitely had my share of "mad men" in the streets of JA. What a beautifully tragic example of the state of humanity right now.

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This scene is universal I would think. Saw something similar in Suriname, with the "mad (wo)man" singing and/or dancing across the street of touristy places.