The Road Ahead may Be Troublesome, but it Always Leads to Home || #APART - A Picture and A Reggae Tune

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Now you may think I the title of this post is some kind of mysterious and thought-provoking sentiment, and it might as well be. But the truth of the matter is that in this case, my case, it's quite literal. In the case of the road in the picture that is. Gaze upon the street I live in, on the side of the camera a few meters in is my home, and far ahead in the picture is the main asphalt road. That main road is perfectly fine, and yet many of its side paths are in a horrendous state, barring small cars from passing when the rain falls heavily. This is normal in Suriname in rural areas outside the main city, so we're used to this peculiar situation.

But literal situation aside, difficult roads often lead to a worthwhile destination. Or better said, worthwhile destinations often hide behind difficult roads. If you want to achieve some kind of position or career, lets say 'becoming a pilot', you'd have to study a lot, get the right certification, get enough practice in and be the best of the best. Some may want to own expensive materialistic things, like yachts and private jets maybe. For that you might start a business, go through the struggles of being an entrepreneur. Even if you decide to get your funds in an immoral way through something like politics, it would be a difficult path nonetheless.

Those on a spiritual journey also have to endure, as eternal wisdom is not achieved on the second day we are born, nor the 3rd, nor a few years after. It is through the trials life puts us through that we learn from our mistakes. We decide what is right, what is wrong, what universal truths are, and eventually what the meaning of life is. Or at least what our purpose in life is.
Hardships will surely meet you on your way to victory, whatever that may be, but know that the path, however troublesome, is worth it.

That being said, Alborosie did a great job in his song 'Rocky Road' bringing us this exact message.

Life is a rocky road, a rocky road
So live your life to the fullest yo, yo

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What a road! You need a dirt bike to cross it.

That Alborosie video, I’m living that cycle right now and it is indeed a rocky road. The cycle of life is interesting. That spiritual journey never ends, I don’t even think after we leave the flesh.

But you know, there are worthwhile destinations that may struggle to reach and then there are those that are happy as is with what is, there is no right. It kinda reminds me of the Mexican fisherman story.

Lol, the fishermans tale is just like a joke they tell here about a native planting cassava and hunting, relaxing in his hammock. A tourist then comes to his villages, and the rest goes a similar way.

That spiritual journey never ends, I don’t even think after we leave the flesh.

There is definitely more to life than we know. I recently watched a few vids on ayahuasca experiences. Very interesting stories.


It is a rough road these days indeed. Speaking of rough roads, some rocks might do you your road some good, perhaps provide some traction.

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Jup, we're working on those rocks. Some neighbors seem to not grasp the concept completely though and threw in pretty sharp rocks dangerous for tires.

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Thanks again @bhattg ! :D

Life is definitely cyclical. Filled with ups and downs but with some deliberate effort hopefully more ups than downs. Respect to you and the wisdom you share bro.

This road we live in definitely has ups and downs, but those are just the holes. xD
With the right attitude a steady movement upwards is inevitable.

😀 well said bro

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