We don't know What Tomorrow May Bring || Live Your Life Today ๐Ÿƒ #APART - A Picture and A Reggae Tune

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The positivity on Hive is available in large amounts. But even so, a reminder to appreciate the things around us can never be too much. I realize this each time I experience a moment which I would possibly take for granted 2 years ago. Even now when more waves are taking over and travel is difficult, the moments you have to experience new environments, foods and cultures are ever so great. I realized that this morning again when after a very long time I got to enjoy some Dim Sum with friends. An outing we used to have almost every month. The price per person increased by about 5x ever since the economy in Suriname went into the gutter, but still it was more than worth it.

The picture above is one of those moments captured in time. A freeze frame of me enjoying life to the fullest, without worry, without sorrow, without the troubles that every day routine brings. Embracing these moments improves our quality of life, our appreciation for it, and not to mention that our mental health gets a significant boost from it.

As I have to go back to the office the day after tomorrow I ponder what moment will come next, but as I do I am fairly certain it will be a good one.

If I think about living and loving life, the tune 'Love my life' by Demarco pops into my head. The lyrics say it all.

None a wi nuh know weh tomorrow may bring cah di future deh hours away
So mi a live my life today, mi a live my life today yeah

So, what moments have you appreciated recently?

#APART is an initiative by the IRIE down-to-earth people at the ReggaeJAHM Community where you share a picture alongside a Reggae tune the picture reminds you of.

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A Dim Sum I didn't know what that was, I figured it was a party but then did a search. Chinese food yeah?
Fi real, best to enjoy and look for the good in each situation. So much to be grateful for. Good selection to bring link the sentiment. I hope only god situations at work for yah, in the name of Jesus heheheh

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Lol, yeah it's Chinese breakfast basically.

Tomorrow I have an important meeting about my future at work, taking your good wishes with me.

๐Ÿ˜ƒPositive tune. So important for us to enjoy life. I appreciate being alive and having precious moments with friends and family.

Now more than ever! And welcome back to Hive where you can spent even more time with the JAHM family.

Thank you. Feels great to be back. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

That's the spirit @rarej ๐Ÿ˜‰
Enjoy every day!


agree live today you don't know what the next day is gonna like

Hi @rarej
If we have had to learn anything and more in the last few months it is that specifically, that we must live each day to the fullest, because we never know when we will have real limitations.
So let's make the most of every moment.

What's up Josรฉ! You are completely right.
Speaking of the last few months, where have you been and how are you doing?

Hello @rarej
I've been a bit busy with some things people, family, also busy with personal projects, in short, I had to distance myself a bit, I didn't think it would be for months, but it turned out to be so, but I'm back. Greetings brother

Welcome back then. I hope the things you have been busy with turn out well or have already turned out well. Let's make it a prosperous Hive year.