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Hello @scubahead, good to see you in ReggaeJahm!
I believe there are some interesting conservation projects in the Caribbean, the one I remember seeing was in Haiti? It also helped to create employment.


thats good to hear. Glad I stumbled onto this community, thanks to @biggypauls . Dude you're from Leicester? Small world

Yes, I live in Leicester (I'm from London) - do you know Leicester?

Raised in Leicester. Know it well. Lestafari!

Hahaha! Really? Fancy that! Which part?
I live in the south side now, along London Road. I've worked all over the place, though - Highfields, Evington, Beaumont Leys, Braunstone, New Parks, Hamilton, Narborough Road.

Grew up on Narb road. Lived in Highfields a little in the 90's and the last time we lived there we were off Queens Road. haha New Parks and Braunstone. Know them well

Wow, that is juat unbelievable!
Actually, @biggypauls and I grew up not too far away from each other in London. Amazing, as there are only about 100-150 people from the UK on here.
I like Narborough Road, I've got friends over there so we go for a wander now and then. I shop in Queen's Road sometimes, or take a walk down there and across the Park and down New Walk to get to the City Centre.

used to walk the Vicky park new walk route to work years ago. memories. Actaully I've been fined also for riding my bike sown there haha

So tempting, though!