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She has good form. Do you guys do yoga regularly?

I even find the prices nowadays steep. The last time we bought fried rice/noodles it cost SRD40.- πŸ˜”
Really is sad how the vegetarians/vegans have to do with what's being offered in the food business.

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Strangely enough we have little experience with yoga. Of course I've lived in Cambodia for 10 years, so the poses are something I'm used to seeing on the old Hindu temples there, and Cambodians as well. But when a rebel king converted Cambodia from Hinduism to Buddhism, I think yoga was abandoned along with the Hindu gods, and I've never met one Cambodian that does yoga.

I am familiar with the poses and what they look like from having many Hindu friends that practice yoga educate me. I guess I am a dinosaur because I still do the stretching routine from my teenage soccer days. It's not as cool as yoga, but it works for me and keeps me fit and limber.

True about the food prices. Occasionally when we see some affordable food prices, the old saying "you get what you pay for" has been very true. We got a catering gig we are working on today and tomorrow, charging 2,800 SRD for 15 people. This one gig is gonna help us make rent this month. !ENGAGE 25

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Thanks for that tidbit of history and facts. Now I know a bit more than yesterday πŸ˜…


I've also learned a lot of yoga poses during my dance formative years, without realizing what they were. When I got older and had more access to the internet, I got to see the similarities.

That's awesome regarding the catering job. Success with that 😁

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