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Hello Community, I recently joined here at Hive and have now stumbled upon this community. Immediately I was overwhelmed again by memories that brought me back to Jamaica. To the time when I had the best vacation of my life. At that time I made a promise to myself to return to this beautiful island. But as often happens, life has other plans and I have not been able to keep the promise I made to myself until today. I have traveled to other islands and countries in the Caribbean, but I have never managed to return to Jamaica. One day . . . Being a part of this community now means a lot to me.
I may be from Germany, but my heart beats for the Caribbean. And I don't mean the touristy Caribbean, but the real Caribbean off the beaten track. I hope for many beautiful contributions from you, which let me continue to participate in Caribbean life.

Hola Comunidad, recientemente me he unido aquí en Hive y he tropezado con esta comunidad. Inmediatamente me abrumaron de nuevo los recuerdos que me llevaron a Jamaica. A la época en que tuve las mejores vacaciones de mi vida. En ese momento me hice la promesa de volver a esta hermosa isla. Pero como suele ocurrir, la vida tiene otros planes y no he podido cumplir la promesa que me hice hasta hoy. He viajado a otras islas y países del Caribe, pero nunca he conseguido volver a Jamaica. Un día... Formar parte de esta comunidad ahora significa mucho para mí.
Puede que sea de Alemania, pero mi corazón late por el Caribe. Y no me refiero al Caribe turístico, sino al verdadero Caribe fuera de los caminos trillados. Espero muchas y hermosas contribuciones de ustedes, que me permitan seguir participando en la vida caribeña.


Dropped you a vote. Never been to Jamaica, but had a Capoeira mentor from there, that was couple of years back. Have you try ecency.com ? If not, you may wanna try that. They have points collection system. And points can be exchange with votes. You can still make post with other communities whilst using the app/website to post in HIVE. I wish I know how to help you, but there's only 2 Germans I have personal connection with, you may try your luck with @louis88 or @redpalestino which is less active nowadays since he's busy dealing with his crypto football games.

Thank you! I didnt know Ecency yet. I will ask in the German-speaking community, maybe someone can help me. Or I`ll message to @louis88 directly.
Thanks for the tip about Ecency and your vote.

Welcome to the community my friend. I am based in Suriname at the moment, but we are a very international gang here. We have a German artist in the community, @luca1777, worth checking out.

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Thanks my friend. It´s good to be in an international community. I love to connect with people from all over the world. I´ll definitely have a closer look at @luca1777 and what he´s doing.

Welcome to the community @werkseber

Thank you. I hope to have a great time with the community.

Welcome to ReggaeJahm community and hope you'll feel at home here 😊.
And true what you said, we as humans make lots of plans for the future, but life usually takes another turn. Sometimes it's a good thing though.

Enjoy the new week 😊.

Hello, yes, it does feel a bit like home. My life path has led me to a wonderful woman. From that point of view, you are right.

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Welcome to HIVE and the Reggaejahm community! Glad to hear of your connection with the islands, especially Jamaica.
I’d love to travel the Caribbean one day, the only place I’ve be there is the land of my birth Jamaica.

Right now in the blockchain world it is very hard to convince Jamaicans living in Jamaica to participate as they don’t see the value in it and a major key 🔑 is missing. How to cash out. But the space is here for them and those who love the culture and vibes.

Thank you for the nice welcome. It is definitely worth visiting the other islands of the Caribbean. The cultures are different, but all the people in the Caribbean have one thing in common: the endless joy of life.
Where do you live now? In Japan, as I read it?
It is a shame that people in Jamaica do not participate in the blockchain. Is it impossible to withdraw money in Jamaica?

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It’s not impossible, but for the average person, yes. Some exchanges wanted to enter the island but weren’t granted licenses. Some were even Jamaican owned. But all this will change soon.

Oh , actually there are two Jamaicans actually living in Jamaica in the community. But they aren’t very active @ganjactivist and @mrfloridakeyz

But on the blockchain in general there are a hand full of Caribbean people.

Oh. I am currently in Japan, many Jamaicans here.

Here, many use prepaid credit cards. They can have the money transferred to their account and withdraw it from ATMs.
Only two Jamaicans? I'll take a look at them.
Oh boy, Japan...that's far away from home. I hope you can make it back to your home soon.