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What’s cooking? What are you expectant for/of?


Is that a Tomato?

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It’s a red hot pepper. I’m not sure of the name of the pepper though. 😆

I don't know its English name too...


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Some kind of soup? Vegetable soup. I love various vegetable soups. Especially the taste of vegetable soup with celery and dill is very different.

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😃I love vegetable soups as well. I think this one in particular is rice and peas cooked with coconut milk (pepper and eskalion for flavor).
I could drink some vegetable soup now. 😃

Coconut milk is very common out there, I know it. We never use it here.
So what other types of dishes do you use coconut milk for?

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I love the flavor of coconut milk. I sometimes use it in curry sauces and soups. Works well in vegetable soups as well. I usually put it in pumpkin and peas soup. 😃


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