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Bento 🍱 boxes are a must have in Japan. To be honest, I don’t usually buy them. I take my own lunch but every now and then, we do some kind of work and a bento is provided. It’s meant to be a balanced meal.
I once worked at a bento factory for a short while. I can tell you that everything is measured down to the last gram.
The bento shop days and picture of the king of food that leaves such establishments. What is the most interesting gig you have done in your life? This was certainly one of mine- too many stories to tell. Anyway, until next time. Walk good.



Hey bro. I think I had this same bento one day during this week. Lol

Was it on Sunday? If so , we worked for the same ppl who cannot be mentioned here 😎

I see.

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Cool nuh man! good insight into the bento biz is what you got.

Most interesting, mi haffi think bout da one deh lol

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Food never bad , too much rice though. Usually 180g and some kinda meat inna dumplin bizness 😂

The bento really looks familiar. Lol!
Don't think it needed rice and spaghetti. One is enough.