Can I get Audiomack Followers On Hive? Download My New Song ‘Mkpo Asi Ba’

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Hey guys, incase you missed it. I just dropped a banger recently which I featured two unique and talented Artistes, Pope Don-X a professional ragga artiste, and the Ibibio Rap god Zillions DonDada. This tune has a mix of Ragga and Hiphop. ‘Mkpo Asi Ba’ which means ‘Things do happen’ or ‘Wonders Shall Never end’ in Ibibio language was written and composed by me. The song was produced mixed and mastered by Blaakstar beats.

‘Mkpo Asi Ba’ is now trending in my country and I have started receiving dance entries already even when the official dance challenge has not kicked off yet. I want to say a big shout to my family, fans (team CitiGeng) for all their love and support towards my music career. Your words of encouragement keeps me going and It also inspires me to give you guys my very best.

Kindly follow my audiomack account here:)

Head over to Audiomack and do justice to this jam of life. Criticism is welcomed so feel free to tell me what you feel about my new banger:)

Cheers and have a good one!!


You are doing well bruh, keep it up

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great great music composed for "Mkpo Asi Ba" ... things do happen, and they will happen.
Hope this song makes it chart buster song.... all the way to top, after all "Mkpo Asi Ba"

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Well-described as a banger! Awesome jams with super positive vibes! I hope this brings you a lot of great success!

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Blessings on blessings to you my man. It gives me joy to know my fans are entertained through my music. @leastcomic

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Excellent production, made with the heart and with a lot of passion.

Music is art and you are a representation of the best of music. much success!

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Thanks for the compliment day one Gee! real recognize real @ncalles Good music only. 🔝🎼💯

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This is a great track, I even have the single.. mp3.

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Thank you so much for downloading. @kimavalon 🙏🙏

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