Mack The Knife (Moritat) Original Backing Track in C major+Song History

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Mack The Knife — One of the most popular jazz standards. This song was written for the play by the German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht and the German composer Kurt Weil for the play "Threepenny Opera" in 1928.

The Threepenny Opera
A Moritat is a medieval version of the murder ballad performed by strolling minstrels. In The Threepenny Opera, the Moritat singer with his street organ introduces and closes the drama with the tale of the deadly Mackie Messer, or Mack the Knife, a character based on the dashing highwayman Macheath in John Gay's The Beggar's Opera (who was in turn based on the historical thief Jack Sheppard). The Brecht-Weill version of the character was far more cruel and sinister and has been transformed into a modern antihero.

This is my backing track on this legendary song.
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Key: C major.
Instruments: Bass, Piano, Drums.

This song has been sung by many famous jazz and pop singers. By the way, there are elements of this song even in the Ramstein song Haifisch.

I share couple versions that I like:

German version:

Legend Louis Armstrong:

Robbie Williams:


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