AFRI-TUNES WEEK 23 (12 - 18 Aug 2022): Celebrating African Music on Hive

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A community open to all musicians all over the world, to share and enjoy African music.


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Let's Go!!!



Afri-tunes Week 23 is here ooo!!!


We invite all Musicians: Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Song writers, Music composers and Orchestra musicians, to join us in celebrating the African Tunes on Hive by expressing their tunes through any of the following styles unique to Africans:












Palm Wine Groove

and many others!!! 🔥

Always remember to spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.


  • The first valid entry will receive a reward of 2 HBD.
  • The post with highest engagement from unique commenters will receive a reward of 2 HBD.
  • Participant with highest engagement in other author's post will receive a reward of 2 HBD.


  • Only those who participated in the week's event will be eligible for the engagement benefit.
  • Engagement benefits count only within 48 hours of a post.
  • Reward will be sent before the compilation post.

For valid entry

☆ Subscribe to Afri-tunes Community
☆ Upload Videos via threespeaks
☆ Post in Afri-tunes Community,
☆ Use the unique tags of the event
☆ Include "AFRI-TUNES" in your title.
☆ Say your username and the title of the song you wish to present before you begin.

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We hope to receive more collaboration, support and sponsorship in order to facilitate the growth of this project.

Let's Spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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Remember to share the link of your entry in the comment section below. You can also share your thoughts, contributions and suggestions.



Hello everyone, my entry to this week:

Thank you so much

Hello everyone. Hers my entry. Thank you 😊

Hi everyone, here's my entry for week #23. Kindly click the link below and enjoy 🎧😉⤵️⬇️

Hello everyone!
This is my entry to this round (#23)

Here's my entry link

Hello everyone
Here is my entry link for week 23

Hello Afri-tunes Family.
Here is my entry to week 23.

Hello Afriktunes 😊

Just to be sure, I want to be more clarified on what that engagement rule is about exactly.

Engagement benefits count only within 48 hours of a post

And I mean this rule 🤔

Hello @merit.ahama

The rule is observed for fairness so that everyone will be judged accordingly.

For instance, the prize for the author with the highest engagement from unique authors.... we have to try as much as possible to give a fair count between someone who posted on Friday (the first day) and someone who posted on Thursday (the last day).

So ideally, if the compilation were to come up every Sunday, it means that the one who posted on Thursday night (last day of the week) may not have the same number of comments as the one who posted on Friday (beginning of the week); and it also means that while one has 7 - 10 full days the other has only 2 or 3.

So we need to give an even number of days for fair calculation.

But whenever it comes up late we still calculate with fairness, adding the number of days delayed. I hope I answered your question.

Well answered, thanks 🙌

You are welcome

Here's my entry for this week

Welcome to week 23
Here is my entry