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We started off in @music-community as Highlife weekend, and ultimately, we became “Afri-tunes” Weekend to encompass the wide genres under the umbrella of the niche: “African tunes.”

We moved to our newly created community on Hive, and we took the challenge head on. As a community, we persevered, struggled and remained consistent together, and now we celebrate one year of our journey on Hive.

As a way of Marking this milestone we planned and actualized three special events:

☆ Firstly, we made the lovely Afri-tunes Branded T-Shirt, which has a QR code that takes you to signup page when scanned.


☆ The second event is the sponsorship of two of our members for an online professional guitar academy managed by one of the best guitarists in Nigeria, and in West Africa.


Image from Spicy Guitar Academy

☆ For the third event, we hosted a music and writing contest, where we received a total of 34 entries: 27 music and 7 writing.


Still basking in the euphoria of the fun and celebration, we received a lovely artwork from @maxwelmarcusart, which is a creative drawing of the Logo of Afri-tunes. We also received a lovely badge sponsored and designed by the wonderful @hivebuzz team.

4bEjbgCbFMvAGbwxD9CJfJUznpDy21P1gb5kciUwoKrnYbGbNVgJCYqfV4abJrNnjyo8QD7CaujWvwdxVurxhntmcNg8RiUxoMwx331fZts2WEmMyt4p9Dsec8u3UPBTaDdfhMAHL6FAikW284LatS9DaAShvuDmXwjJ6Y42g2uthRkJvA (4).png2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnMqzYeYC8AZ7cj9Q (1).png
Artwork by @maxwellmarcusartBadge by @hivebuzz team

The celebration, fun, excitement and joy were in abundance!!!



We appreciate all our sponsors and everyone who contributed in various ways to make this event a memorable one for the community!

The Afritunes team and the entire community say


Backup_of_hive hive.png


As we said earlier, we intend to provide two of our community subscribers with scholarships if they are interested in learning guitar professionally or raising their levels of proficiency.

The Package includes:

  • A 3-month scholarship plan
  • Little monthly allowance for data subscription

Thus, in selecting our candidates we ensured that those who are selected will value this sponsorship. Hence, the selection was based on the following criteria:

  • Those who indicated interest
  • Have earlier shown to be interested in playing guitar or progressing in their guitar level
  • Have guitar readily available to them
  • Are subscribers of Afri-tunes community

Thus, we are pleased to announce @sleemfit and @sholex94 as the winners of this spot, after considering their application and commitment to music on the chain.

We wish them best of luck as they grow in their knowledge and learning of the guitar.

Backup_of_hive hive.png




  • @jesus-son wins 2 Hive for making the first entry on Afri-Anniversary.

  • In collaboration with the @hive-naija community, @cindynancy wins 2 Hive as encouragement prize.


The Engagement during the week was interesting, fun and lovely. We appreciate everyone who continuously visit amazing creators and musicians on this platform, to drop words of encouragement and commendation.

  • @utymarvel wins the 5th spot and will receive 1.5 Hive

  • @wizj wins the 4th spot and will receive 1.5 Hive

  • @jessicaossom wins the third spot and will receive 2 Hive + 100 Ecency points.

  • @merit.ahama wins the second spot and will receive 5 Hive + 150 Ecency points.

  • @jesus-son wins the first spot and will receive 10 Hive + 300 Ecency points.


We received 7 entries:

@chelsie-b wins the second spot with her entry on MUSIC: THE LANGUAGE OF AFRICA (pidgin English), owing to her creativity in composing a beautiful poem in Pidgin English.

As a second prize winner, she'll receive – 8 Hive + 150 DREEM Tokens + 2 HBI + 50 Ecency points + 75 HP delegation (for 30 days)

@icyink wins the first spot with her entry on JOHNNY AND I. This is a lovely fictional piece written with great passion and excellent writing skills.

As the winner of the first spot, @ocyink will receive - 15 Hive + 300 DREEM Tokens + 3 HBI (Hive Basic Income) + 150 Ecency Points + 100 HP delegation (for 30 days)


We received 27 entries:


@magicfingerz wins the third place with his entry on SUGERCANE BY CAMIDOH (UNIQUE COVER).

  • Good video quality
  • fair audio Quality
  • Stage management
  • Great Guitar play, solo skills and melody
  • Intonation
  • Good Introduction
  • Detailed Writeup

As the winner of the third place, he'll receive 2 Hive + 20 Ecency points.


@gloriaolar wins the second spot with her entry on THIS YEAR(BLESSINGS) BY VICTOR THOMPSON | COVER

  • Good video quality
  • Good audio Quality
  • Good Stage management
  • Good Melody
  • Nice Harmony
  • Nice Intonation
  • Great introduction
  • A well detailed writeup with quality image upload

As the winner of the second place, she'll receive – 5 Hive + 50 Ecency Points + 50 Music Tokens


@jessicaossom wins the first spot with her entry on Bianule (come and see).

  • Good video quality
  • Good audio Quality
  • Great Stage management
  • Good Melody
  • Beautiful Harmony
    • Great Intonation
    • Good introduction
  • A well detailed writeup with quality image upload

As the winner of the first place, she'll receive – 10 Hive + 5 Legion Tokens + 5 Leo Tokens + 150 Ecency Points + 100 Music Tokens


  • Writing category prizes of 5 Hive + 300 DREEM Tokens + 3 HBI Points + 100 HP delegation; and 3 Hive + 150 DREEM Tokens + 2 HBI + 75 HP delegation are sponsored by Dreemport.
  • 10 Hive for Engagement race sponsored by

Video Details

Always remember to spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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If you want to sponsor the contest prizes with Hive, Leo or Ecency points, you can send the tokens to @afri-tunes or @afritunes, or you can reach out to us via Afri-tunes Discord Server!!!

k75bsZMwYNu2L3iBMXq5y7xeiy1isFJsZxnMZSXuXEsxe4ee1cUkGyPbBYNJKAuKhdo7NXvFkwa1waJkRRQUFhnY4RMnwqByiBDH3gpGzLhk4BNadJybPEz97mKT4uCMTc2FbiJ4Bfj8VrYuStHr8pDc37PicknmL (1).png


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Join Afri-tunes Community HUB Server on Discord!!!

Let's get to know ourselves better and make our journey on Hive an awesome experience. 👌

Backup_of_hive hive.png


Thanks to the kind assistance of our lovely and fantastic sponsors, the prize pool for the Afri-Anniversary Event is made possible.

LogoProject name
4_20230223_232143_0001.pngEcencySpecial thanks to @melinda010100 and the @ecency team
6_20230223_232143_0003.pngLeofinanceSpecial thanks to @leogrowth
recreate-01.png recreate-02.jpgStick Up Boys & The Legion tokenSpecial thanks to @stickupboys
5_20230223_232143_0002.pngReggaeJAHMSpecial thanks to @dmilliz and @reggaejahm community
3_20230223_232143_0000.pngDreemportSpecial thanks to @dreemsteem and the Dreemport family
20230224_001022_0000.pngHivebuzzSpecial thanks to @arcange and the @hivebuzz team
panda-304322_1280-1.jpg@lazy-pandaSpecial thanks to @mahirabdullah and the Hive Learners team
2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnJNvQS9CG6kdVVUS.png VYB Logo created by @calumam and is free to use under Creative Commons licenceVYBSpecial thanks to the VYB curation team: @samsmith1971 @wrestlingdesires @amberkashif and @joseph23
png_20230318_143412_0000.png@indiaunitedSpecial thanks to @indiaunited and @bhattg
12_20230318_142518_0000.png@newbies-hiveSpecial thanks to @newbies-hive and @starstrings01
13_20230318_142518_0001.png@sam.hangoutSpecial thanks to and @samostically

We shall share more information about these sponsors and their beautiful works on Hive in subsequent posts.

Backup_of_hive hive.png


We appreciate the OCD Music Curators, Curie Curators, Stickupboys, Ecency, Leogrowth, ReggaeJAHM Community team, and all those who support this project in one way or the other.

We also appreciate the Afri-tunes team: @starstrings01 @obaro @ovey10 @hopestylist @sholex94 and @ksam

We hope to receive more collaboration, support and sponsorship in order to facilitate the growth of this project.

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You can also delegate HP to @afri-tunes (Afri-tunes official account) to help us curate high-quality African music for Hive.


Let's Spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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If you love this project do well to comment, reblog, upvote, tag one or two friends and support us in any way!!!

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Remember to share the link of your entry in the comment section below. You can also share your thoughts, contributions and suggestions.


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Can somebody please give me a handkerchief, I am crying already, It's tears of joy sha

Where do I start now?

Okay, I must commend the top-notch creativity that this post is giving, I am head over hill for it.

From the beginning video down to the end, creativity is at its peak, and I am so in love with it.

I am loving everything.

Now the alchemy of souls kind of suspense has reduced😍

Okay, thank you so much for creating a platform like this for everyone, I especially feel at home here.

Thank you for the prizes, thank you for the recognition and everything.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you so much!!!

You're welcome haunty
Thanks for all you do 🙌🙌🙌
I'm glad the community has become a home for many of us.... in this vast land in Hive.

Thank God for the creativity ooo 😁

Abi nau
Happy Sunday


O wow, a big congratulations to the winners @magicfingers @gloriaolar @jessicaossom and the rest for your different categories of win.

It was indeed a great one and for me a huge event on Afri-tunes.

Am just wishing it were every week event that will create a lot on us.

All the same, Kudos too to @ksam and his grew @ovey10 @starstrings01 @obaro @sholex94 @hopestylist

Weldon people, you guys did excellently well to making sure the anniversary events came a success through your unceasing efforts.

Thank you all.


Thank you

Guy u no congratulate me o, u no see say I win?? 1😅

Just vex dash me wetin you win 😅😅😅

I no dey vex on Sunday

Guy sorry o...CONGRATULATIONS to you @jesus-son for the big WIN

NO vex abeg e skip me o

Now ur alright cos I write am for big letters.

I celebrate with u mean. But I just dey look you....I go surprise u soon. Just dey playyy😂😂😂

#Kudos man✌✌✌

Lolz, my brother play play na my name o
Thank you sir

Enjoy @jesus-son

Thank you so much sir Wizzy, kudos to you too 😊

Thanks @hopestylist

Do more. Happy sunday

You're welcome boss 🙌😒😜

Am not Boss oo @hopestylist

Am simply wisdom ✌🙌

Okay Wisdom

Thank you so much my Oga!!
Your sax dey do wonders no be small 🙌🙌

We thank God for the opportunities.

Without him, we can do nothing @ksam and am demn grateful to him and to you guyz

You guys are the best, and an amazing souls too.

#Kudos boss🤝🤝🤝💪

Thank you so much

Weldone boss man, you're doing well.✌️

Thkz man @sholex94

you're doing pretty good too

Hehe, I don happy taya for where I dey.
Omo see me con turn celeb for hive sha, lolz
My name just dey ring like security bell, haha. My belle don sweet sweet so tey I never fit chop since one week 😅
See my lady @gloriaolar is wining here. Bae, u too much.
My friend @jessicaossom , you know you are amazing. My brother and guy @magicfingerz, those fingers are really magical, you too much baba. My lady @merit.ahama two of us hurstle sha, hehe, congrats bae. who again sef? Ehen my baby @utymarvel I can't heart you less, so no worry, I go share my hive, lolz

Oga @wizj see as you sax cover just dey ring everywhere. You to much baba

@afri-tunes thank you for the enabling platform and the recognition of my poor self. Make I dey happy dey go hehehehehehheeh osheyyyyyy!
Celebration time 💃🕺🕺🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Baba no remember me 😭😭😭😭

This one wey this man dey find who remember am so
Who forget you recently? Tell us, we are here for you 🤧

I no see this sha
Let me come nd go

Who forget you recently?

You, gan gan

Why you dey talk the impossible? 🤧

Because in the "impossible", it is "possible"


🤦‍♀️ I tire for who nor tire for you
Oya be going abeg


Hehe, na u b @afri-tunes na, so u dey

Awwww 🙄🙄😏

Awwwww, Thank you ny darling🥰🥰

You are welcome

Baba, na so we see am for hive. Who for tell me say my name dem go dey mention am like this everywhere

Hmmmm, when God works, no one fit stop ooo @jesus-son

Congrats once again man💪✌

Yes o
Thanks bro

Abi o
Celebration time o.
Thank you so much and congratulations to you

You are welcome and thanks too


Hearty Congratulations to our shinning lights
@magicfingers @gloriaolar @jessicaossom
and all our category of winners, you guys so are phenomenal. I love you plenty 😊

And to @ksam @ovey10 @starstrings01 @obaro @sholex94 @hopestylist
I don't know how you did it but this post is all shades of excellent. The images, editing, everything is on Fleek. You guys are just the best.
Thank you for making this Community stand out among several others and we keep getting bigger and bigger.

A big thank you as well to all our amazing sponsors. 👏

Congratulations to us!!!! 🥳🥳

That's what they say, teamwork is the dreamwork 🥰. Everyone contributed in one way or another but I pray God continues to bless the mind behind all of these from the very beginning 🙌.

Thank you so much dear, kudos to you too ❤️

Oh yes, more grace and wisdom to our ogas and madam(you) on the top!!!😇😇😊😊

Nor be lie, more grace to the ogas of the ogas and the madams of the madams (all of una) at the top 🤭🙌

Thank you so much dear for all you do.

Thanks for your lovely words of commendation on the creative side of this post. It's a great pleasure and we appreciate 🥰 me I appreciate well well ooo

Haha the pleasure is all mine boss 😊😊😇😁

You're welcome boss lady 🥰

Thank you so much sis.

You're very welcome dear

Yeah, congratulations to us.
Thank you sis

You're welcome 😊 😇😊

You've been so amazing too, the admins and mod's can't do it alone. Thanks so much dear 🥰

I'm speechless really 😭😭😭
The video actually got me emotional

Let me not say much and just wish winners and go and continue my tears

Congrats @magicfingerz @gloriaolar and @jessicaossom for coming in 3rd to 1st position, your entries were superb... No doubt.

Well done to all who engaged with me, you all were amazing!

Well done to the team especially our Admins, we are happy with be under you guys 🥰 stay strong for us continuously.

Special thanks to all our sponsors ❤️

Thank you

I'm glad she was emotional
See as Haunty Mewit no remember me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Ahhh how I take forget you na 😂
Na me say I dey emotional o, why you come dey cry?

I dey emotionaling on your behalf 😅

Who send you? 😂😂

You 😌
In the depth of your heart

Shuooo 😂😂😂

Thank you so much sis

You're welcome 😊

Oh my Godddddd,😳😳😳 I wasn't expecting this all. I won second place? This is amazing. Thank you so so much @Afritunes 🥺🥺🥺. This means so much to me🙏🙏🙏.

I must comment the effort of the team too. You guys did exceedingly well. Watching the video got me so so emotional. The skills poured into this and the planning and execution is not small at all. Massive Congratulations to the community that this event is a success.

Congratulations to @jessicaossom, I am so happy for you sis. You deserve this and more. You're super talented and I'm grateful for all your help and support🙏. Congratulations to @magicfingerz too. This is well deserved 🥰🥰🥰.

I am also happy for everyone that participated and shared in this amazing celebration and also to everyone that won. Super happy for my darling friend @jesus-son. You are awesome. Thank you for always making my head swell and putting smile on my face.🙈🙈🙈

I must also mention @ksam and @obaro, you guys are simply amazing and I must say I love you so much. Thank you for your support🙏🙏.

Omo, if i keep typing I won't stop o, let me end it here by saying a big Thank you to everyone that has supported me so far. I love you guys.

Thank you so so much @afritunes community once again. This is a huge honor🙏🙏🙏.

Thank you 😊

Hehe, @wizj com hear my name again o
I no say Bana @ksam go dey vex. But I no care, if u vex too much go hug nepa pole, lolz

You are amazing @gloriaolar

You say what?

Police uniform still get black o @jesus-son



You no well 😅😅😅

I was also emotionaling on your behalf
Thank you so much for all you do
You're indeed a big madam oooo

Thanks for your support gan and standing with us like the Rock of Ages 😅😅😅

That video was amazing and so emotional 😩, I love it and @obaro see as your voice was sounding like that of a celeb, normally you na celeb 🤭.

Congratulations to our winners on both categories, you all did an excellent job and this event has shown that afri-tunes community is loved and appreciated. I pray God continues to be with us and give us more reasons to celebrate together.

Well done to the one that has made those lovely images and especially the video, the thing too go make sense abeg ❤️, I totally !LUV it.

#iluvafritunes ❤️, please let's feel free to use the # tag 🥰.

@afri-tunes, @hopestylist(3/4) sent you LUV. | tools | discord | community | HiveWiki | NFT | <>< daily

Made with by crrdlx

It is really emotional ooo no be small
Thank God for the ideas and for everything!!! We pray for more success!!!

Yes dear, I know and believe God will continue to bless us with more ideas to keep doing it better 🥰, well done sir 🙌❤️

Congratulations to everyone who made the winning list.
Kudos to those who are running the community successfully


@afri-tunes, @amberkashif(2/4) sent you LUV. | tools | discord | community | HiveWiki | NFT | <>< daily

Made with by crrdlx

Thank you so much
We are really grateful to have you celebrate with us.

Thank you 🥰


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Congratulations everybody
You all did fantastic❤❤

You did cokekastic 😁😁😁

Yes oooo😂😂💔💔

A heartiest congratulations to me and to everyone for their wonderful achievement.

Am grateful to be part of this amazing community that worked with complete dedication and consistency, I feel so honored.

And to all the wonderful sponsors, admin, and supporters you have my deepest thanks.

Much love ❤️

Thank you dear
Thanks for being part of the celebration 🥰

I want to personally seize this moment to appreciate you all for your constant involvement in Afritunes.
You all have been wonderful so far, and more is expected from you all.
I congratulate all the winners of the week 52 contest, both the music and writing cotest, you all are really amazing.
Afritunes to the world!!!
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Congratulations guys…you all did so well. Thanks to the team for such a wonderful work. So glad to be here

Thank you so much
Thank you for being with us
I would have really loved to see you on the T-Shirt 🤧

Hmmm….I had to travel and there were a lot of inconveniences that’s why. I would still love to wear it though

That's fine. Whenever you're ready, we'll try to see how to make it possible. 🥰

Congratulations to all winners. It is amazing having to see this. Good luck to the chosen guitarists.

Awwwwwwn awwwwn
She visited us and left a wonderful remark
Thanks dearie
We are grateful on their behalf

Yeye... You guys are doing well oo. Don't worry, I buy you chinchin😂😂. Keep grinding.

I need the chin chin 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Your mouth aff finally dry. Go and find cash first

Is still you dah ayam waiting for 🤧

Just wait for that junksion

Yeah!!!! At all at all na him bad pass!! I am super excited about this win, although I came third place, I feel like it's the first place!
Once again, I want to congratulate and encourage the founder and the admins team of our young and growing community. I think we are out on a great start and with this pace, success is assured.
Kudos to everyone for their sacrifices and efforts!
Aluta continúa, victoria acerta!

Baba na baba
You just too much ni be small
I greet you specially 🙌🙌🙌

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks sweetie @hopestylist
And thank you @ecency

It's my pleasure my darling 🤧

What a celebration you had. It is great to see all the winners,and good luck to the two soon to be professional guitarists!

Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes
Yea, it was a fun filled celebration 🎉

You are so very welcome

Guess who came late to the party, shey food still remain laidis😕. Eiiii, I was thinking whose voice is that, @obaro and doings 🥰, it's soo beautiful 🔥.

Afritunes be doing big things🥳🥳. Congratulations @jessicaossom, @gloriaolar and @magicfingerz, you guys are awesome 🥳❤.

Congratulations @sleemfit and @sholex94 🥳, learn well o, so you go do tutorial for us 😂.

@jesus-son you're doing well 🥳. And congratulations @icyink 🥳.

Infact, congratulations to us all! 🥳

Well done @afri-tunes, this truly is a celebration ❤. Well done @ksam, you're doing an awesome job 👏🏾