Afritunes week 119 - Ebenezeri {Cover} @mayorkeys

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Hello my african musicians!!!
It's so great to to be here again and talking about music generally, A new week in the afritunes community and which is already at 119, happy to be part of the moving train this week. So what song will i be doing again this week? It is one of a popular song which got awareness this year or let me say late last year by this general choir called Apex which is a celestial church and under the composer which is kent edunjobi, so i have been trying to reason a song to do before but luckily i got this in the post.

Vibe Web3_20240615_144526_0000.jpg

So i had to play my guitar for the song and since there is no power supply and my sound card which i bought recently was a rechargeable one which can actually work when there is no power supply so far there is enough batter, so i connected the microphone and did some settings on the soundcard placed my guitar in front just to pick the sound and it came out to be nice. Now let's talk about the song which is titled Ebenezeri. The song was originally written by kent but was noticed by all early this year which has been accepted widely all over the country nigeria. The song is a song of gratitude for what God has done over time.

The video was taken with redmi 9t phone and i hope you guys love what you see. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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You are just good at everything you do, this is absolutely great, best in playing the piano and now guitar. You rock man

Thanks so much my brother for the warm comment 🔥

You are welcome

I love the production of the video, you really show how good you are, kudos bro

This is so nice coming from you, thanks for the encouragement

Won't you teach me how to play the guitar one day my boss, just as if guitar was your main not knowing it's the piano, you are a boss

You are also boss in your own way, my mentor😂🙇🙇

Smiles you are doing well

It is @mayorkeys on the beat, testing the microphone 1, 2, 1, 2😂😂
I enjoyed this song so much my hive crush. Your voice is so melodious. Weldon

my baby my baby, i feel so much joy seeing the comment from you, i am blushing

This song transmit a good vibe.
Nice presentation @mayorkeys
Thank You For Sharing This With Us

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The pleasure is all mine.

@mayorkeys ! I have missed listening to you. It's been a minute, how do you do?
Excellent performance as usual. Welldone! 💞

I'm doing great, what about you

I’m goood. Well done.