Afritunes week 117-oluwa lo-ni (cover)

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Afritunes week 117
My name is Morentis and this is my entry for this week. It has been an amazing week and first entry for this new month of June. The month of May was a great one though it had some other bad side view however everything ended in praise.

It's been an amazing time here. I have missed my guitar for a couple of weeks now due to some circumstances but thank God I'm back to the system with my amateur play. I'm certain that gradually I will pick up and be better than where I am today.

This song is titled "Oluwo-lo-ni" and it means God has blessed me. The most important part of human life is actually thanksgiving. Many times Hes deliverers us from diverse kind of accident domestic and others. We need to give Him thanks for what Has done for us whether big or small.

You can give him thanks in any language but this one is via Yoruba. I believe you guys enjoy this song of mine.

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Thanksgiving calls for more blessings indeed...
Nice singing @morentis
Note: Week 117 ended Thursday and we are currently in week 118..
Thank You For Sharing This With Us

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Wow, thanks for the correction

My guy, every month pose some challenges but we keep moving ahead with God along with us.
I love the flows baba, keep giving us the good vibes

Thanks bro I appreciate it