It's A Good Day To Wiggle ( TTT)

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Hello beautiful people. It's another beautiful Tuesday and I must say I really am in a dancing mood today. I can't really explain the reason, maybe it's the weather or I just felt the need to put on my dancing shoes and sway to some musics.

We all know that music and dance goes hand in hand. Music helps alleviate one's mood and nourishes the soul with it's amazing tunes and dancing in turn helps one to forget about problems even if it's for a while and you also get to exercise your body. Need I say more ?

For today, I decided to share some African musics that brought out some of the dances we used to wiggle to some years back.

Iyanya - Kukere

This song by Iyanya was released in 2012 and it came with an interesting dance step. It involves leaning forward with locked knees and lifting each leg up and down to initiate the age-old shaking of the backside 😃😃😃😃. You can freestyle as much as you want, just have fun while dancing.

Davido - Skelewu

The song was released in 2013 and the dance that accompanied the song is one we all vibe to even till now. It's actually a very simple dance but it is unique. It comprises of a sort backwards rolling of the shoulders with one arm continually extended and the other arm placed either on your waist or on your chest then you move as you like.

Olamide - Science Student

The list won't be complete without me adding this song by Olamide which was released in 2019. The "Shaku Shaku" dance was incorporated into this song and it made everyone want to participate and show off their dancing skills. Some people went ahead to create their own version of this dance even while we are still learning the previous one.

Of course there are more of other songs accompanied by beautiful dancing steps but we are limiting that to three songs for the #threetunestuesday. This initiative is proudly sponsored by @ablaze .

Till we meet again next week. Thank you all for stopping by.

All videos were gotten from #Youtube


Hahaha aha, these songs are so interesting, the dance steps got me dancing and vibing.

Thanks for sharing.

Hmm good good memories 🥰
This songs are nice, and I can still remember some of the dance steps.

Soldier go soldier come, it's just like new dance steps are being discovered almost everyday. There's one they dance now lols, I can even try it, it's too fast. 😃

😃😃😃😃 likewise. Make I use the former dance steps wey I know hold body.

Thank you for coming around.

Abi na if we don't know the new one, we will dance the old ones 😃😃

Beautiful choice darling 🌹🌹
Omor na science student been want tear my head then ooo😁
Thanks for bringing back the memories🥰

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These songs were bangers back in their days. Especially Skelewu and Science Student. There were so many parodies and dance challenges for Science student. And me with my big head that can’t dance would try to mimic people in my room. Lol


Haha, these tunes are awesome! Those music reigned in the music industry those years. Thanks for sharing them.

Hey dearest beaut, guess what? Haha, I waltzed in from #dreemport for I am an amazing #dreemer. An awesomely made #dreemerforlife. Spread that smile of yours like a jam!

What a memory lane!
dancing is good for the body it takes away your worries also a good exercise for the body.

Seriously, you made me remember those days , I can really relate to the fun attached to all the songs you listed here on your post , thanks for sharing #dreemerforlife

I'm glad I could take you down memory lane. Thank you for coming around.

Mheen I almost forgot how much of a hit kukere was back then.
I haven't heard any new music from Iyanya in awhile, I hope he comes up with another banger.

I do hope so too. Thank you for visiting.

Defo good tunes to wiggle and waggle to!!! 7:36 for the last song, you don't get too many songs that long anymore..

Yes, that is so true. I do appreciate you coming around.

Thank you.

My pleasure