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Hello Afri-tunes community, it's week #37 of our weekly contest...I trust we all are doing alright 😉. For this week I have chosen the secular song as suggested in the community for week #37, which is "Emiliana" by Nigerian singer-songwriter and record producer"Ckay" . When I saw the song selection, I was really excited as it's a no brainer for me. Emiliana is a song I really love to perform and it's one of my favourite songs to sing🤠.

Emiliana is a song about a long-distance relationship.This is a love song that expresses feelings for lovers. Loving someone isn’t just an ordinary feeling, it’s the feeling that comes from your heart which makes you feel happy and gives you that inner joy that comes from the inside, love makes you feel things you have never felt before. A true and sincere love comes from the heart and not your mind.

"All because of you, I be on the phone all night long".

I'm sure we can all relate to this, when in love with someone, we don't mind staying on the phone all night long, just to be there for our person and maybe cause we miss them and mightn't have another opportunity to talk with them anytime soon, but all night. I do hope y'all enjoy 🎧 my cover of this beautiful record. 🤍&💡

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Hola comunidad de Afri-tunes, es la semana #37 de nuestro concurso semanal... Confío en que todos estemos bien 😉. Para esta semana he elegido la canción secular sugerida en la comunidad para la semana #37, que es "Emiliana" de la cantautora y productora discográfica nigeriana "Ckay". Cuando vi la selección de canciones, estaba muy emocionada ya que es una obviedad para mí. Emiliana es una canción que me encanta interpretar y es una de mis canciones favoritas para cantar🤠.

Emiliana es una canción sobre una relación a distancia. Esta es una canción de amor que expresa los sentimientos de los enamorados. Amar a alguien no es solo un sentimiento ordinario, es el sentimiento que sale de tu corazón lo que te hace sentir feliz y te da esa alegría interior que viene desde adentro, el amor te hace sentir cosas que nunca antes habías sentido. Un amor verdadero y sincero viene del corazón y no de tu mente.

"Todo gracias a ti, estaré al teléfono toda la noche".

Estoy seguro de que todos podemos relacionarnos con esto, cuando estamos enamorados de alguien, no nos importa quedarnos en el teléfono toda la noche, solo para estar ahí para nuestra persona y tal vez porque los extrañamos y es posible que no tengamos otra oportunidad. para hablar con ellos en cualquier momento pronto, pero toda la noche. Espero que disfruten 🎧 mi versión de este hermoso disco. 🤍 y 💡

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True Love comes from the heart and not mind...
Copy that!!
That was actually a powerful one dear @sleemfit
You sang beautifully this song and your guitar play ganish the whole stuff and it was as though, you where singing it for your Emeliana😀😀
Thank you for sharing this master piece with us🥰💞🎸

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Thank you for always bro she has her own favourite ooo but definitely not this one

I had a neighbour, her name was Emiliana. I think from now on I will connect her with this song :))
This is a nice one, you are singing it very well.

Aww thank you so much @mipiano...yes it's such a beautiful song, I'm sure she would be delighted 😄

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This is one of my favorites music, in this case, long distance should not be a barrier when it comes to love, and love is sweet when we meet the right person, not the other way round.

it's nice listening you .

Thanks so much Mary...glad you tuned in😊

Yeah,.. it's my pleasure

Hmm this your voice ehn can make a lady go Gaga lol... Am sure a lot of ladies are tripping already, even me too am tripping and vibing 😃
Good job brother, fine boy wey kun sabi sing again 🙌

Lol thanks my bro...I'm grateful you always come thru to check my entries...Blessings and love 🤍🙏

See as voice just sweet like Ice Cream...
This is so beautiful brother
I enjoyed it no be lie...

Your strumming was on point and the voice was on pointer 🙌

Thank you so much bro...for supporting always 🤍

You are always welcome bro

How do you always sing so flawlessly and calmly? 🥺 This was beautiful!

I really need to learn this song, I've heard it too much not to have the words and tune in my head haha.

Well performed Sleemy, you're amazing! 😎

Aww thanks dear...Thank God for the talent, really I just try to rehearse the song well enough and give it my best while performing

Plus all you guys see here isn't just 2-3 minutes..the process takes me at least 2 hours to make, could be more, if I'm not satisfied I can't put it out.... I'm glad you all support and appreciate my sound, Thank you so much @merit.ahama 🤗

Wow that's good to know, just keep it up... You're awesome that way 🥰

Sure will....good music or nothing 😊

Eggzactly 😁😎

Beautiful 👏👏

Thank you Meya🤗