HIVE OPEN MIC #115 || Original Song || Do With All Your Heart by @Daniky

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Hello and welcome to my page. I am @daniky and this is my entry to the #hiveopenmic week 115 an initiative by @hiveopenmic. This week's theme is titled "Doing the work". Above is the video of my original song presentation titled "Do with all your heart." Kindly sing with me and follow me as i proceed in the video. Below are the lyrics and it's my original song🎵;

Hola y bienvenido a mi página. Soy @daniky y esta es mi entrada a la #HiViPenmic Week 115 Una iniciativa de @HiveOpenmic. El tema de esta semana se titula "Hacer el trabajo". Arriba está el video de mi presentación de canción original titulada "Do With All Your Heart". Por favor, cantara conmigo y sígueme mientras procedía en el video. A continuación están las letras y es mi canción original🎵;



Composed by me @daniky

Whatever you do do with all your heart
and whenever you give give with all heart
Don't be discouraged
show love to all
help those who are needy
and build good bond
Whatever you do do with all your heart



*** Do con todo tu corazón***
Compuesto por mí @Daniky

Hagas lo que hagas con todo tu corazón
y cada vez que das con todo corazón
No te desanimes
mostrar amor a todos
Ayuda a los necesitados
y construir un buen vínculo
Hagas lo que hagas con todo tu corazón



The song is straightforward and urges us to do whatever we're doing with all our heart ❤. Kindly go through the video and i hope to have your comments. Thank you

La canción es sencilla y nos insta a hacer lo que estamos haciendo con todo nuestro corazón ❤. Por favor, revise el video y espero tener sus comentarios. Gracias

This is my entry to the hive open mic week 115. Thank you for your time and support & Do have a wonderful moment.

Esta es mi entrada a la semana 115 de micrófono abierto de la colmena. Gracias por su tiempo y apoyo y que tengan un momento maravilloso.


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I congratulate you dear friend for your original song, this is rarely seen and how great that you are one of those who dare to compose.

It is beautiful to see how there is talent in this wonderful platform, your entry was very good and I congratulate you for what you have brought!

A hug!

I'm really encouraged, thank you so much🙏 @yetxuni

What a beautiful song brother... It sounds great... and you have a very attractive voice. The editing of the video with the lyrics has also been great. Blessings and success brother.

Thank you brother. I'm really encouraged, looking forward to your videos as well. 😃

Daniel how are you? how great it was to visit you, I must congratulate you because I loved your song, it is very cheerful, dynamic and the lyrics were the best of all, a great message you have given, better said, a good reminder for all of us to do good and from the heart, without expecting something in return👍!!!

You sang really cool man, and played great the guitar, well done Brother; thank you very much for joining us in this edition of the Hive Open Mic, we hope to see you next week again, a big hug dear friend ¡You Rock! 🙌😀💛


Thank you so much @fernanblog, I'm really encouraged and it's great to have your presence here. Do have a wonderful week ahead friend.🙂

With all pleasure my friend, thanks for your nice words, I wish you also a great and successful week Brother 🙌😀💛

Greate music!


Thank you @luizeba 😀

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Thank you for the support @appreciator, I'm very grateful 🙏


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