Hive Open Mic week#166|| Titanium By David Guetta ft Sia Cover

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Hello guys! Welcome to Hive Open mic week #166. For this week's theme " Never Give Up", I will be doing a song by David Guetta ft Sia " Titanium".
I chose this song because it relates to the theme of this week. The song says it all. Although I've done a cover of this song before, I had to do it again 😅....
Sometimes we listen to what people say and depend solely on other people's opinions about what to do and about us too much.
Just because you failed and you're scared people will talk or you're scared that what if you try and fail and then you can't get back up?

Who said you can't do it? Who said you can't get back up after failing? When you fail or fall, dust yourself and get back up on your feet, but this time, give it everything you've got.

In life, failure is not an option. Never accept defeat, and Never give up. No matter how rough the road may seem, surely there's an end to everything that has a beginning.
Just keep on pushing and don't ever give up, you'll find yourself living your dreams✨.
Thanks for stopping by❤


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I really learnt a lot in this post and I love love it.

Well-done dear 👏

Im glad you could relate with me🤗✨
Thanks dear I appreciate ❤🥰

Perfect you again @meyateingi

Lovely lovely piece and your timing, voicing all blended so well

Twas a nice to visiting dear
Keep it up and more


Thank you dear🥰❤ I appreciate 🤗

You have a beautiful voice and your vocal control 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I just followed you please follow back. I enjoyed this. You go girl💪🏼

Thank you🥰🤗.

It was a pleasure to listen to you friend, beautiful voice, I loved your presentation. Greetings, success and blessings! 😍❤️🙏

Thank you so much🤗❤. I'm glad you stopped by, much love🥰❤

@meyateingi .... ma pami na🥺😩
oh gawd mhen!!....regardless of the fact that the conclusove part of the chorus was a really high still baffled me even as you took it low....omo!!!🥲

Teeeeaacchhh mmeeee😄
Welldone dear...
Jsyk, you've got vocal similarities with tems too....😉💯🎶

😄your hype can make me go to a studio to record a song now 😩. I'm glad you enjoyed my presentation 🤗🥰.....
They don't teach IDAN oo😆. Who am I 😩....
Really? I feel I sound different from her tho. Tems is a goddess 🙌

sabi girl 🤩, your voice is very hits me anytime you sing. Keep singing hun 💓

🤭aww thank you❤🥰... Sending hugs❤🤗

Que palabras tan alertadoras, my buena tu interpretacion,cantas muy bien, te felicito

Me alegra que te hayas sentido identificada conmigo. Gracias por tus amables palabras 🥰🤗❤, te mando muchos abrazos.

Bien recibidos son tus abrazos,🤗

Great job dear
Beautiful rendition, I love how u sing

Thank you🤗🥰

This song was among the list of songs I wanted to sing but I wasn't sure if it fits the theme.
This is lovely. You have a lovely and unique voice. Let's connect and do a duet sis.
Your mixed voice is strong and has a very good resonance that makes every moment of listening worth it. I'm glad I didn't miss watching your performance.

Really? I thought so too😄. Someone else did a cover of what I wanted to sing so I had to look for something else hahaha.
Thank you🤭🤗.
Sure! I would love that. Whenever you're ready😉, just say the word .
I'm glad you stopped by and also enjoyed my presentation ❤🤗

You are on discord right?
Can you send me a dm?
JessicaOssom, that's my username.

Yeah, I am.
Ok sure

I could listen to you all night, you this aunty. This is beautiful, and a reminder for me that you've power in that voice of yours.

Let's trade voices, I want to use it collect student loan. 🫠

And you're pretty too.

Thank you so much🤭🤗❤.
I would gladly trade voices with you😩, all for lewis capaldi🤲😉.
Wait first, let's see if our president will sign the loan, what do you think? Great idea right 😌.
🤭🥰awwwn thank you🤭