A Glow-Fire-Art-Laser-Flow-Arial-Inflatable Tour for Polish Ambassador - Lucidity Main Stage

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This is one of the best videos I have ever recorded, and captures nearly every aspect of what a good festival encapsulates. I did a proper walk around the main stage crowd on night one of Lucidity Festival and was able to record an INSANE number of glow-flow artists, fire-performers, live painters out the wazoo, dance artists, acrobat types, and ridiculous lasers from the stage... even a HUGE inflatable what-have-you as part of the event deco.


There is honestly too much awesomeness in this video to list out here, so please enjoy this 5 min clip of more things happening in any video in such a short time frame ever published.... you be the judge. Polish Ambassador also lights up the environment with his ever so progressive hip-hop-dance vibey tunes. Enjoy!
I have many more videos from this event OTW folks - this one is a FANTASTIC starting point to the rest, and no video could be a more appropriate intro for what the rest of the event boasts.

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