Dash Out Sunday with the Bitcoin Pizza Day Challenge

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Yesterday was Bitcoin Pizza Day - the anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction. The Breadbakers Community held a lovely challenge, hosted by @akipponn, to make your own pizza at home and create a post about it. Over in ReggaeJahm, it's also Dash Out Sunday!

I've failed miserably with the pizza challenge because I forgot to put the required label with the challenge name, my name and the date 😂. But I did enjoy a wonderful, perfect, home-made pizza. You can find the recipe in this post.

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Here's my Bitcoin pizza straight out the oven with a perfect crust.

I started early, actually, I started yesterday because I ran out quickly to the shops to get some mozzarella. It was too late by then to start, so I was up early this morning, mixing a simple dough, just flour, water, a little yeast and salt.

It's a dough with a long slow rise, gently doing its thing over three or four hours, with a little turning and folding every hour or so. After the first mix, before you put the dough to rise, you add a tablespoon of olive oil to the bowl and sit the dough on top.

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Here's my dough after mixing together the ingredients and before the first rise. You can just see the slick of olive oil in the bottom of the bowl.

I thought the oil was to stop the dough sticking to the bowl, but it also gets incorporated into the dough each time you turn and fold it. As you do it, the dough becomes glossier and smoother and more elastic.

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The recipe for the tomato sauce is very tasty and easy to make. Next time I would strain some of the juice before I put the tomatoes in the blender to make a drier sauce. Apart from the cheese, I already had all the toppings in the house: onions, mushrooms, courgettes and anchovies.

I have tried to make pizza before and always been disappointed with the dough, it has been heavy and dull and hard to work. This dough was so easy to work! It was velvety-smooth and so pliable. It made an enormous pizza, and I could have rolled it even more thinly, except that it wouldn't have fitted into the oven!

Next time, I will tear it into three or even four and make long slipper shaped pizzas, I think they will cook even better than this one did. It is very filling - I could only manage two slices (but lunch for the rest of the week)! - and delicious!


We've had weather like this for about three weeks now. Staying indoors and making pizzas by a warm oven was the perfect way to spend the day.

Thank you for the inspiration @akipponn!


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Looking better than the pizza thingy I just had for breakfast 😂


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Hahaha! That's the 10 minute version, I guess 😁.

 3 years ago 

It was good!!!
Loving that you pizza has a healthy balance :)

Dude I love pizza bread!

 3 years ago 

So easy and so good 😋.

Staying in and baking on messy days is the best way to salvage the time.

I have some tried of your recipes, too ... hot and sour soup springs to mind! ❤️

The pizza you made looks very good!

Thank you - it was fun to do!


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Not great weather lately, but pizza makes life better anyway.


That's really true 🍕😁

So true! I am getting very good at dodging the rain!



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THank you @teamuksupport, good to see you!

Y'all are making me hungry with all these yummy pizza photos! And THANK YOU for the prize! <3

You know, it was a fun activity. Hive has kind of lost some of this sort of interaction. Sometimes it feels like everything has become very serious 😵. I was telling a friend about your nature challenges ("find a big rock" 😲) and how much I enjoyed getting out and doing them. The prize was nice, but that wasn't really what it was all about. He said that he always knew I was a latent bee stalker 😂. Hope you're okay 🤗.

Maybe I'll have to do another nature challenge. :D
I'm hanging in there. Hope you are well!

Maybe I'll have to do another nature challenge

No pressure - it is raining constantly here 😂

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Nice effort to make Bitcoin Pizza Day Challenge Contest.

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