Fruit Sand, Hot Sand in 🇯🇵

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Have you ever had a hot sand or a fruit sand?
These are “sands” I learned about in Japan. At first, I really wondered what those could be and I still grapple a bit with the terms. “Sand” is just the abbreviated form for sandwich. So, a fruit sand is a fruit sandwich and a hot sand is a hot sandwich. If you look at the menu below, you’ll see “HOTSAND” listed as an item. Though I now get the term, my mind still reflects on hot sand at a beach before thinking about it as a food item.
What comes to your mind when you hear the term?


I’m fine with having a warm sandwich but another thing I’m trying to wrap my mind around, is having fruits with bread. I often see family members eat bread and bananas but it’s not my thing to do. Having bread with kiwi, strawberries, orange and so on is something I’m really not accustomed to. I really love fruits but I don’t want to have them with bread.


Fruit Sand

The fruit sandwiches are made with whip cream, sometimes custard cream, fruits and bread. The fruits are creatively placed in the sandwich to form lovely design or patterns. You can see some in the photos displayed.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love fruits. Somehow my palate has been reluctant to have a fruit sand. I recently bought two to share with the family. They had them and said they were okay. My intention was to give it a try but I was really full at the time and they have a short shelf life. So, I’m yet to try them but my family had these below:



Do you usually have fruits with bread?
Are you accustomed to having a fruit sand or a hot sand?

Please share in the comment box below.

Have a great week. 😃


Ohhhhhhh! It looks amazing! Yummy! 😉👍👍👍
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😃Thanks. I’ve only seen it here. Love the creativity.