Bon Appétit: Crab Acehnese Noodles

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The acehnese noodles is a must try food when you visit Banda Aceh, on the northern part of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Acehnese noodles is a special dish which is rich of spices. It’s so tasty and a bit spicy. But no worries, we may request the level of spiciness. Acehnese noodle or Mi Aceh is a special cuisine of Aceh Province, Indonesia.


My family and I love so much to eat crab acehnese noodle. Especially, my daughter, she like to eat crab acehnese noodle. Acehnese noodle is thick yellow noodle. It’s likely in similar size of Japanese Udon. I have ever ata udon when I visited Tokyo in 2019. The taste kf udon is very delicious as well. The color of udon is not as yellow as acehnese noodles. It’s a bit whitish yellow color.


The noodles are placed on a glass shelf along with other important menu like tomatoes, cucumber, onion leave, celeries, etc.


A few week ago, my family and I visited a noodle shop in Bireuen Town. There are a lot of noodle shop in Aceh Province. We could find it everywhere throughout the province as Acehnese Noodles is a special traditional food in Aceh. You know, Aceh is located in northern part of Sumatra Island. It’s really close to India, Malaysia and other countries around Melaka Strait and Indian Ocean. So, Acehnese Food is influenced by the neighbor countries.

Acehnese noodle are made with some seafoods like crabs, shrimps, squid. And also it made with beef, chicken, goat meat and even with eggs. It’s up to us to order. For me, I really like to eat acehnese noodle with crab.

When we order crab noodle, so the cooker will cook the crabs first. The reason is to make the crab well cooked before the noodle added on.


After the crabs have been already well cooked with soup, then he would add the noodle onto the crabs.


He will put the amount of noodles for three of us.


After that, he would give some cut of onion leave and celeries. He poured them onto the noodle inside the crock. Then, he will close the crock to let the noodle and crabs cooked well.


After being cooked for about ten minutes, it looked our crab noodles were almost ready. The aroma was so good and made us drooling. We could hardly waste to taste it immediately.



A moment later, our crab noodles were ready to serve. Firstly, he put the crabs on the plates.


Then, he added the noodle, and with curry soup as well. I really love it. The aroma was so tempting. It’s really a special dish. You will never forget it when you’ve tasted it.



Finally, our noodles are served on our table. The crab acehnese noodle is my favorite, so won’t be bored to eat the dish.


So, let’s eat the crab noodles. Bon appétit!



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Looks so good - is it a spicy soup?

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Thanks you bro..