🐞🐝 Insects In Nature And A Small Story With My Girls πŸ‘­

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After rain in the evening I and my girls want to go outside the room. We walked to visit everything around our street. We see insects in the nature so much but some insects I can’t take a picture of it because not have sunlight.


When we walking we saw the sweet mango fall from the tree, I tell SreyYuu (@kidsisters) go to take it but she go very fast leaving us behind. I said, SreyYuu not hear what mama say? She said, I hear but the landlord is looking at us.

I understand she shy because she big girl now. But my Monkey B she don’t care about people looking at her, she go to take a sweet mango with a big smile.


Do you know what this insects is in English? I know it in my language. This is picture near the roti store.


She said, this mango so big, I love it mom, mom don’t give my sister eat because she very lazy πŸ˜‚. My monkey she likes to eat mango so much, she always enjoyed when I buy mangoes but she enjoyed more when they are free.

Today we are walking so much until the unset but this is a very happy time with my two daughters.




This worm in its house fall down to the ground when rain came.


I love to talk about pictures of nature and animals so much and like to post about butterflies and the other insects. Have a wonderful day!!!


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Monkey B


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Hahaha I love it. The story really makes me laugh. It's so cute. I am happy Monkey B got the mango. The photos are so lovely. I wish I could be in nature and see such pretty I things. All the trees are empty and the skies are gray here.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you very much @carolynstahl for the lovely comment and read my post 😍. !ENGAGE 25

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Nice story

Thank you 😊. !ENGAGE 10

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Hi dear what a great walk and lovely pictures with the girls. Hope you are wel and can adjust a little bit. This could also be an amazingnature or Wednesdaywalk blog hahaha

Yes I agree with you and thank you very much for the comment. !ENGAGE 20

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Interesting captures of the beauty found in the insect world! Most of those I have never seen before except the fly and honey bee.
Glad you and your girls got out for a walk enjoying nature - thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the stopping by @porters and thank you for the kind words 😍. !ENGAGE 20

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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