Land Rover Defender On The icy Hills.

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A land rover defender parked in a snowy parking lot. After driving and walking around this icy-hill town, I saw this car and I thought “now this is a vehicle that is fit for the terrain". While I was driving up these hills, we took some small roads and due to the lack of snow tires, slipped a bit and decided to take the roads more travelled. I never thought much of these land rovers, but looking at it now, they are pretty neat cars.

Known around the globe as an icon of British engineering, the Land Rover Defender is the ultimate off-roader that has delighted owners for generations. Combining military utility with classic and distinctive design, the Defender had been a ubiquitous presence on the automobile scene since its release more than half a century ago. But 68 years since the first model came on the market, the production line came to a halt in January 2016. This presents the perfect opportunity to look back over the Land Rover's history, from its first iteration as a utility vehicle in 1948, to the 21st Century special editions. Landy fans and petrol-heads alike will love Land Rover Defender, a highly illustrated collection of classic and limited edition models, filled with specs, stats, and images of Defenders both at home and abroad.


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The rover can manage di road. 😃

Yes mi dear, unlike me likkle sedan. 😄


How great everything you were able to achieve with that truck, it's good that it didn't let you down, what good knowledge nws has of it, I didn't know how valuable this truck was, how great.

Not my truck haha just saw it in the hill 😂

Hahahaha ha okay, okay, I get it.

My writing ✍🏾 Made it seem like that hehehe