Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 13 ~` Asa - Bibanke [When I'm Crying] (Cover)

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Hello Music Lovers ❤❤❤❤

It's another week for the #Vibes Web3 Music Competition. It's been amazing and so far the community is growing with new people coming onboard and having a platform to showcase their talents.

My entry for week 13 is a song by a Nigerian artist named "Asa" and the song is titled Bibanke which translates to (When I'm Crying)

Cover by rukkie_20240615_131736_0000.png

The song is about a lost love. This sometimes happens when a relationship hits rock bottom and a person is no longer interested while the other falls deeper in love which makes the latter do anything and everything to get the other to notice them till they could no longer keep up and they ends up becoming a shadow of themselves.

This kind of love starts out so sweet but turns sour along the way that one would wonder if there was a spell cast on them which is wearing off.

In situations like this, I believe it's best to let the other know their stance in the relationship instead of making them miserable by depriving them of all the love and attention they so much craved.

The song is a mixture of native Yoruba language and English.

Below is a translation of the Yoruba part of the song.

Bi m ba n ke, b’omi ban san [When I’m crying, if it becomes a flood]
Fi mi si le [Leave me alone]
Bi m ba n ke, bo jo ba ro [When I’m crying, if it rains]
Fi mi si le [Leave me alone]

Bi m ba n ke oh oh oh oh [When I’m crying…]
K’o kun basia, fi mi si le ye[even if it fills the basin, leave me alone, please]
Bi m ba n ke oh oh oh oh [When I’m crying…]
K’o kun basia, kokun basia [If it fills the basin, even if it fills the basin]

Mo ti for mi fo lu wa [I have surrendered my issues to God]
K’o so, k’o so wa [May He guard us, may He guard us]

Iwo, iwo nikan soso [You, you alone]

I hope you enjoy my presentation.

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