Lord You Are Here || Prayer Chant || Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 15

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In the video above, I am playing to a Prayer Chant, Lord You are Here. This is one of the most popular prayer chant in my side of the world, which means that the Lord is here with us. The song has a way it puts me in that emotion and energize me to pray and speak in tongues. This is one of my favourite prayer chants, this is why I chose to present it for Vibes Web 3 Music Competition Week 15.

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Although not the best at singing, I decided to begin this entry with singing the chant and playing chords to it. At 1:50 you will hear a foot switch from my effect pedal, I started recording the chords as I was singing, so I could create a loop to solo on it. The loop ended exactly 2:00 min.

You will see that I started soloing the chant on the 2:15 min till 3:55 min whichafter, I started singing the chant again so that I can have the chance to change the effect to another sound. You will see this in 4:11 mins.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation.

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Your performance is so cute🥰🥰
I also love how you played your guitar

thank you very much! I am glad you did

I waited for the solo part because I know you are more of a guitarist and wanted to please my musical ears; it was a beautiful one bro.

Don't worry brother, I will soon become more of a singer by God's doing! Thanks for the comment bro

Of course, it is very possible. You're welcome man.

What a powerful song and you sang it with so much energy.
I love your presentation, it's nice seeing you on vibes 🤗. All the best of luck ✨

Your guitar skills are on another level 😩❤️👏

What a powerful song and you sang it with so much energy.

seriously, I did? I am glad that you loved my presentation. About Vibes, don't really always have time to carry my guitar. I tried to make this week possible.

Yes, you did❤️, it made your entry standout 👌

You should play the guitar more often coz I know you're a pro at it.
I hope you do get more time to play the guitar for us🤗

I can totally relate with your caption and I absolutely loved your solo. Another sweet reassurance that God is always with us. Very well done @starstrings01.

I absolutely loved your solo.

For real? Thank you so much. I am glad you did. I appreciate your comment!

Blessings, friend, the guitar playing and the interpretation were good, a big hug and peace be with you 😊🙏🏻

the guitar playing and the interpretation were good

I am really glad to hear this. Thank you very much!

This is so serene and beautiful.
I can totally feel what you say the song does for you.
Loved your solo especially as well.

This is so serene and beautiful.

See me blushing here. Thanks very much. I really appreciate the kindness.

Hehehe, the boss himself. I think this is the first time I am hearing you sing and play your guitar 🎸 at the same time...it's been guitar all along but this came out nice 🙂
I feel your voice
So amazing basssssssss😃

I am glad that my singing came out nice and that you liked it! Thank you very much for your nice words.

Hello Starstring, I love how you played those strings, especially towards the end. You have a powerful bass voice.

Yes, God is with us, no matter the situation we find ourselves we, we need to be firm in our faith to know that God is present and will come through for us.

Thanks for sharing this prayer chant. Great job.

You have a powerful bass voice.

Didn't know that the singing will turn out well in the end. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. God is with us Always!

It did turn out well. You're welcome.

Spirit Man🙌🏽.... Well performed Man. I see say you bin don wan dey enter spirit as you dey play. Keep it up! Love it

Na all these prayer chant me sef dey take pray. you can effortlessly pray for sevral hours without even realizing

Lol! Yeah brother, I wan enter spirit oh. He remains small make I just enter am.

thanks so much for the comments brother

Smiles... You're welcome Brother 😊🙏

Ah ahn
See my brother na 🙌🏽

I loved it all, my guy, and also how the video looks

ehn ehn! My sure gee.

I am glad that you loved the video. Thanks Man!

My oga in whom I am well pleased 😁

Yes oh Favy!!!

Amazing one brother man. Your performance got so exceptional to think that you did all these sweet stuffs on perfect timing.
So sweet

Thanks man! I am so glad you enjoyed it

This is brilliant man :) lovely vocals, prayer and guitar sounds great :) solo was amazing!

Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate!