Vaccine Ramble 💉 Suriname vs. Cambodia ⚖️ & A Cameo From Harry The Lamb

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Eventual family reunification will be legally impossible without a COVID-19 vaccination, so tomorrow the family and I are going to the city to get dosed.

✈️ No Choice Is An Easy Choice 🛃

     In about 4 more weeks, I'll be sending my family back to Cambodia, and likely without me unless Cambodia changes its visa restrictions in the next few weeks. Monkey-B's passport is about to expire and our US immigration has come to a standstill, so we now feel our best chance to be together again is in Cambodia.

     @Sreypov will have to start her own corporation, at least on paper, and this is how she'll be able to bring me back into the country, as a sponsored employee. All foreign arrivals will be required to show proof of vaccination, so for me it's get jabbed or lose my family, making it a very easy to choice. But as I mention in this video, I'd drink polonium to leave Suriname.

Suriname vs. Cambodia

     I ramble a bit about the differences between Suriname and Cambodia, and what makes Cambodia so much more livable than Suriname. Whether it be the massive amount of fruit and vegetable variety or the social living, it's hard to find a way that Cambodia isn't more livable than Suriname, at least regarding the things my family and I find important in life.

     One problem we've had in Suriname is that people are very rarely straight with us. I remember the first time we looked at a one room apartment, and how the owner basically turned us down because he implied Suriname is too civilized to allow people to live like that. People here would rather leave a room empty without tenants than to allow 4 people to live in it. In Cambodia, rental room building owners could care less about what you do with your room so long as you pay your rent on time and you're civil with your neighbors.

     We eventually gave up on affordable housing after countless landlords all refused us a rental room, and now pay $275 USD per month for a tiny corner of a dilapidated house where we've only had three days of running water in the last 2 months. We're no strangers to living simply, but in Cambodia to live under such horrible conditions wouldn't cost more than $50 USD a month.

Harry The Lamb Lightens The Mood 🐏

     Perhaps I talked about too many stressful issues, but near the end of the video Harry and Monkey-B made a quick cameo. Harry nearly kicked the camera and ripped my lavalier mic out, but he was only trying to say hi to all of you Hivers. He's proven to be a more social creature than the folks living in our neighborhood, and he still retains his VIP status as the coolest lamb that ever lived. Shame he can't join us in Cambodia.


Monkey B

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Do have some Panadols ready for the vaccine. Incase you feel some sort of pain. Wow... It's hard to imagine having only 3 days of running water in two months. The basic right to living and the cost of living in Suriname is high. In my city, for usd 275, you can get live in a house of three rooms..

I do not understand why the landlords would do that.. it's rather strange.


This goes for around USD 150 rental a month. Running water here is around 2 bucks a month USD. That is a couple of thousands of litres of water. Then the electricity is around USD 100 with four air air cons running all night. But I think Camdodia is a good place. The income from Hive is more than enough for a better life.

I love reading your life journeys.. wahahaha

Yep, your area doesn't sound too much more expensive than Cambodia, if we'd been stranded in Malaysia I think we wouldn't be upset at all. I think people in the west don't realize how much of a slave they are to their rent and jobs, debt, etc. I can't wait to live comfortably from Hive earnings in Cambodia, it will be a whole new experience for us.

Morning.. morning.. Cambodia sounds good... the most important thing is to enjoy life.. Yep. being in debt can strain the mind a lot.. I used to own this gold credit card and impulsively spent on unnecessary stuff. One day, I decided to cancel that card and paid all that I owed and ever since that time, I have adopted this policy of buying only if I can afford it. It's really paying off. I pay for stuff I owe first only buy the wants later. It's a scary thought to know that many are spending their whole life paying off debt.

I think once you get back to Cambodia, life will be great again..
Have a great day.. many thanks.

Having the ability to "buy now, pay later" does make many people spend unnecessarily. 💸🤑💸

Here's a !PIZZA on behalf of @savvyplayer for the PIZZA lover! 😁 Keep up the engagement! 😃

I have somehow managed to never borrow money or get into debt of any kind, never even owned a credit card, but it has had a major impact on my life, and it was probably the main reason I had to leave the USA. If you're not willing to be a slave to debt, and you don't come from money, your future in the USA is very limited.

Counting the days til I kiss Cambodian soil and hug my family again in familiar and friendly territory.

Credit Card was a hard lesson for my life. Luckily one day, my mom intervened and forced me to stop having one and it was tough to begin with. But after a couple of years, it's part of life. Hahaha..

I stumbled on some videos about poverty in the USA.. on YouTube and it is quite sad to see so many people living in the streets and one whole neighborhoods being in extreme poverty.. It's good that you decided to leave and go to Cambodia.. Many Asian countries are quite affordable... So I don't think anyone is gonna starve.

People in the USA certainly can't understand financial poverty can exist without any food insecurity. Edible things are cheap and also grow on public land all over Cambodia. There is never a homeless person that can't pick a kilo mangoes or find a papaya.

The USA is a whole other story, people often with great financial wealth, but who live in food desserts and survive on canned and frozen foods while driving a BMW to work each day. The irony is not lost on me, I'd rather drive a tuk-tuk and eat like a king.

Wow ... An eye opener for me.. a person who drives a B.M.W and eats canned food. Haha... I guess it's the opposite in Cambodia and Malaysia.

Yea.. what's the use of a nice car when there is nothing in the fridge to eat. I don't think the drug problem is bad in Cambodia right? In Malaysia, the drug problem exist but not something that the police can't deal with. It's death penalty...for anyone with even a kilo of any drugs and some drugs even a couple of grams gets a person to the gallows. I think also the great thing about Cambodia is no guns.

I think the canned and frozen food diet is a result of us not having enough time to go the market each day like Cambodians, who mostly still lack refrigeration in the home, especially rural folks. This means everything needs to be made fresh, and that is the way I prefer living. Another problem in the USA is farm subsidies, which cause corn, sugar, dairy, meat, and soy to be artificially cheaper than all other things. Because of this, all companies try to figure out a way to make products from these ingredients.

This leaves a farmer trying to grow eggplant and okra with a bleak future, not supported by the government like his chemical-mechanical soybean farming neighbor.

In Cambodia there is definitely no gun and drug problems like in the USA, but there are lots of petty non-violent crimes of opportunity like stealing phones through windows and unattended motorbikes at night. If there is a single drug doing damage in Cambodia, it is certainly methamphetamine, or more properly called yabba, a mix of meth and caffeine made popular by Thailand.

Truck drivers, salon workers, and the fishing industry are big markets for yabba, but I think it is ultimately recognized as a social problem, and not a legal one unless someone is possessing large amounts of this drug. Marijuana used to be part of the culture and diet thirty years ago, and most Cambodians grew up eating chicken noodle ganja soup in the 70s and 80s.

Thailand is starting to pursue medical marijuana, and I think Cambodia is also starting to view marijuana like it did thirty years ago, and no longer comparing it with synthetic hard drugs.

Hahahaa heeey so nice to see Harry live in a video and not just in pictures.
Hearing those comparisons about Cambodia and Suriname, I really wonder how we differ so much. I really think it's because of our small population, but I can't say for sure.
But it's definitely interesting to study though.

Harry is a master photobomber. I think some of the differences here and with Cambodia are similar to the USA. It's basically taking everything that is the fabric of Cambodia and turning it around 180 degrees. Suriname is unique in some ways, but in general it's also and east vs. west mentality.

... but in general it's also and east vs. west mentality.

Ah yes, that could also be one part of it. Although we have some Asian descendants here, we're pretty westernized.

I'm sure Harry would !LUV some tasty !PIZZA 🍕

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Harry will eat anything, even headphone wires and q-tips.


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God bless your family! Whether we like it or not, being vaccinated is one of the travel passes domestic or international.

Indeed, migrants don't have this luxury of being anti-vax or not, difficult enough these days just to remain a united family, which is actually coming to an end in 4 weeks, thanks to bureaucracy and COVID-19 related policies. Thanks for thinking of us, hoping our upcoming separation is not a long one.

vaccine pasport that what actually needed. That is the best choice from the worst situation. i did with my family because my kids schooling needs vax pasport too.

Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia all seem to be following suit, regulations concerning public school and the ability to go indoors, and in some cases cross from province to province. I don't have feelings one way or the other about what should be done, but I know from experience people in positions of power have never consulted I or my family when making decisions that impact our lives.

Which types of vaccines are available in Suriname? And can you even pick your choice, or do have to take whatever they give you? From travel perspective, I have heard that certain vaccines are not considered as such (Sputnik and Sinofarm, but even Astra-Zeneca rank low on the list), but it all depends on the country. Not sure what the US, Cambodia, and possibly any places in between require as an "acceptable" vaccine.

That is something to consider. In Cambodia the Sinofarm is the only one available, but here in Suriname we have a lot of choices. I think we'll be going with Pfizer, but either way, not exactly stoked. However, it is a necessary step that will allow my family to remain together. Once Cambodia reestablishes visas-on-arrival, all foreign visitors will have to be vaccinated prior to entry, but haven't heard anything about them being choosy on which vaccine yet.

Yes, I guess it's places like the US or the EU that are super choosy. So it's good that you are given a number of options in Suriname. Yeah, I guess Pfizer is the Google of the drug companies, so it may be the safest bet. Though I completely understand that you are not happy either way, but are willing to accept whatever it takes to be living a good life with your family.

True, I'd swim through a shark tank full of turpentine while snorting uranium if that's what stood between me and my family.

Spot on buddy. Not like we have a choice. Some have severe effect gotten sick on the shots. But it turned me into Spiderman though.

Well maybe I will turn into a superhero too. When I consider all the toxic chemicals I've been exposed to in my life, it honestly doesn't scare me too much. I used to clean and detail cars for many years when I was a teenager, using things like muriatic acid and other caustic agents. I remember waking up in a hospital after shampooing carpets inside a hot minivan all day, that was thanks to some kind of vapors I breathed all day long.

One upside may be that if ruins my taste buds, I'll be much more able to eat the foods available in Suriname 😁.

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Give thanks, I actually let my daughters make the decision for me, so if you have any complaints, you'll have to take it up with them. They told me they don't want to me raise them via daily videocalls, and that they'd much rather have a physical Dad. For me, my wish to remain free of manmade pharmaceuticals is much weaker than my desire than my desire to be able to raise my daughters.

As you have give me much unsolicited life advice, I shall give you some as well. I know very little about you, and we've never met, so I think it's safe to say we're both not in a position to judge each other's life decisions. Statements like "I'm totally shocked that you even wanna.....", "Ok, conscious?", "You really didn't do your homework", and "even more shocking considering..." come off as narcissistic, and if you really wanted me to follow your advice, you wouldn't offer it in such a condescending way, as if you have superior information, and somehow you know what I have and have not read.

That being said, it's clear you don't actually want to "educate me," but instead you're using this as an opportunity to feed your own ego. I have was actually a licensed paramedic at one time, so I recommend when giving medical advice to also state your medical qualifications. If you were here stranded in Suriname for three years living like we have, fighting for your wife and kids, I'd be much more inclined to consider your advice.

You're a German dude living in Germany, and facing no visa issues or family separations that I am aware of, so I think you just aren't in a position to offer me advice, sorry brother. The damage done to my daughters by being raised without their father will be so much greater than having a vaccinated Dad in their lives.

 11 days ago Reveal Comment

You really don't understand until you've lived in these circumstances. If you've been researching COVID since 2008, you might be the guy that invented it. If my wife and kids were German, and we were living in Germany like you without worrying about running water, finding food, getting our hands on our cash, we'd also have spent thousands of hours doing other stuff than looking for food and trying to remain together.

Your narcissism is running wild, and you really think a link you share with me will make me decide to abandon my family and live in some random country by myself without my family, you've f*ckin' lost your damn mind. I would inject all the COVID vaccines directly into my eye while jumping from a plane without a parachute directly above a crocodile infested swamp if I thought I had even a 5% chance of living through it and seeing my family again.

You haven't lived in my shoes, and you have no idea what things I do and do not know, we've never hung out nor even reasoned, so I don't see why you feel so qualified to help my family make decisions. I've watched countless hours of sailing videos on YouTube, but I'm in no position to tell you what you should do if your find yourself in a boat alone in the middle of an ocean. Perhaps you're a sailing expert, I have no clue, so that's why I'm not judging you and telling you how to live your life in your comments section.

I noticed you unfollowed me, hopefully this means you're done trolling and have moved on to other targets.

 9 days ago Reveal Comment

You don't know when to quit, you should come spend some time in our shoes. Buy land in the worst and most expensive place I've ever lived, and with what money. People have different realities, @tanjakolader and @rarej are from Suriname, this is their country. This is just further proof you are completely unqualified to give us any advice. So Suriname doesn't seem that bad because you know two bloggers who seem to have a normal life here.

You should come and meet my Nigerian and Cuban neighbors and tell them how awesome Suriname is, and they'll laugh out loud just like I did. The Haitians that fled Suriname for Texas would also get a kick out of you saying that from the safety of a wealthy nation.

Hey, I am glad that you think Suriname is not as bad as we describe, another thing you are absolutely unqualified to talk about. Your narcissism seems to know no limits, so just keep giving advice to stranded migrants from the safety of a G8 nation. It's obvious you've never been in a situation like this in your life.

Now you calling me names like "disrespectful little boy" to feed your ego even more. I only told you're unqualified to give my family and I advice, and I am not going to engage in childish name-calling with you, but I would slap the teeth out of your mouth if you were dumb enough to say some fuckry like this to my face.

I thought you were done trolling when you unfollowed me, and I would have muted you if I didn't want your narcissism to be on display for all Hivers to see. It's clear you just can't stop, and I know you won't be able to resist having the last word, so I eagerly await your next insult, I highly recommend "red-headed stepchild" if you're out of ideas.