👨‍🏫 Cooking 101 With Monkey-B 👩‍🍳 Coconut-Potato Soup For Srey-Yuu 🥥

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I had actually intended to teach Srey-Yuu how to make make my coconut potato soup because it's one of her favorite dishes, but today's stand-in sous chef is Monkey-B.

First, A Visit From Harry 🐑


     Harry has become so popular that I now feel I must include him in each day's post. Today I managed to capture him resting on our porch trying his best to be a golden retriever. We live under a lot of stress and hardship here in Suriname, and this little guy seems to want to vibe with us and lift our spirits.


     When he comes and bites my speaker wire, causing my speaker to fall off the table, I know it's time to go sit outside on the porch and watch life go by with Harry the dog trapped in a sheep destiny. Inner ear rubs is Harry's new favorite thing, only second to half a cashew.

Chef, Are You Awake? 💤


     When I told Srey-Yuu I was making her favorite soup today, she immediately perked up. However, when I mentioned I wanted to teach her how to make it, she suddenly stricken by a sickness that put her into a deep sleep and prevented any cooking.

Substitute Sous Chef 👩‍🍳


     With my sous chef on the fritz, I needed a replacement, and Monkey-B was the obvious choice. She quickly got to work by scorching her hand on a hot potato and then choosing to be a spectator for the rest of the peeling process.


     I told her we were going to fake like she was cooking for a cute Hive post, so I told her to hold the knife for a quick shot. She then sliced the potato, and another, and another, and by the time she realized she was working, the job was nearly done.



     When Monkey-B stepped away for a moment, I quickly arranged the spices in a few dishes and pureed the potato-coconut milk-ginger mix for her. I turned on the stove, added some oil, then called her to take a shot of her frying the besan, chilies, cumin, and other spices.

     When she was holding the dry spice mix over the pan, I told her to dump it in the oil. She did it without hesitation, then I said "Oh no Monkey! The spices are going to burn! Grab the spoon and stir them while I grab the coconut-potato-ginger puree!"


     Well what do you know, the girl who didn't want to cook and thought she couldn't, found herself frying the spices to perfection until I added the puree, then nursed it to a simmer. At this point the gig was up and she realized I had tricked her into preparing a significant portion of this meal.

Taste Your Creation 🥣


     I'm lucky she has a good sense of humor. Anyhow, she was actually grateful for the lesson, and I wanted to make sure her first cooking experience was a pleasant and casual one. I certainly don't want to overwhelm her, and cooking should be a joy anyway.

     No sense getting caught up with all the not-so-fun bits in the beginning, just chop some fresh coriander and let the chef taste her creation for saltiness and spiciness, then make any necessary adjustments.

Want To Make This Soup?

     I didn't feel the need to make this post a recipe, just wanted to have some fun with my daughter. I have previously shared this recipe with Hive though, so feel free to visit the link below for detailed instructions.

💚💛❤️ Ital Coconut Potato Soup 🥥🥔🌶️



Monkey B

Why harry looks like a goat to me... anyway, he's cute and had found a good spot for chilling...

I like how you wrote this article... it made me smile too... she surely learned something here-not to touch a hot potato

I grew up on a popcorn farm and we also raised and trained horses, so I know very little about sheep or goats. I was actually pondering this question myself when first making a post about "Hero," Harry's brother from a previous birth.

I googled it, and apparently it comes down to whether or not the tail stands erect or hangs down. To me, Harry looks more like a goat, but according to tail rule, his hangs down, so I assume he's a sheep. Based on pictures from the internet, these sheep look a bit like Cubano Rojo, but the landlord has no idea what breed they are.

The ole' hot potato lesson is one we've all learned at some point in life. Some of us have to relearn it many times 😁.

oh.. i never thought about that.. i was just basing it to how goats look here in our country... thanks for the information...

I think I see a Monkey B's Bistro in the future. Excellent job little chef. I am truly impressed. I would love to have a bowl of that deliciousness.

A post like this is better than a good movie any day. It has two cuties M.B. and sidekick Harry. The bonus is the recipe by dad Chef.😊

An English speaking Cambodian obsessed with Indian food, just hope her country can learn to accept that. It is touching to know some are entertained by our content, because it's honestly become an escape for us. Just writing out our life and frustrations alone has helped us get through this experience.

When we are back in Cambodia and have our living costs reduced 15x, I will have much more time to make edited videos, and especially more comedy content. Hugs from our family to you in Canada.

This made me laugh and it was full of cuteness ( both Harry and your daughter, in no particular order )

These two are incredible pals, ever-entertaining and adorable.

That is a big knife for a little girl...lol and Harry has really made himself a home there 😁

Haha, yes it's actually a kid's knife, but definitely still intimidating for her. On the other hand, it's now almost too small for her sister. Harry is gonna be bummed when we leave him behind with his owner/our landlord.

Same as Srey-Yu, if you ask me cook I will fall sick. But I can help to eat and drink though. Glad Monkey-B can be help!

Cheeky trick, she really needs to try acting one day. Even when I know she's faking, she somehow still sells it to me. Monkey-B is still young enough that she'll help with anything if it's made to sound fun.

Thank you and thanks Monkey-B for tasty and delicious soup today.

She did almost half of the work, not bad for a first try.

Your son is good at cooking, does he often do that at home, I feel proud to have a daughter as smart as him. 🙂

his son is a daughter ;<)

Thank you, I'm sure my daughter would make a great son if she had to go undercover one day. She is a natural cook.

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Well done Monkey B!

Next time you come over just ask Monkey-B to whip up some potato soup.

Love this thanks for sharing have the best day

My pleasure, cheers.



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