Harry's New Favorite Game 🐑 Epic Nature Shots 🌺 & Other #WednesdayWalk Phenomena 🤸‍♀️


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Today started out with Harry and I playing his new favorite game, "chasing and ramming," which always starts with me pushing against the top of his head with a closed fist.

#WednesdayWalk / #MakeMeSmile
hosted by: @TattoodJay & @ElizaCheng

🐑 This Lamb Is About To Be A Ram 🐏


     Harry still plays a bit of football, but recently his red rocket popped out while playing with one of our family members. The red rocket is a sign that this lamb is on his way to becoming a ram, and cute Harry will be a rebellious teenager very soon. A few weeks ago while enjoying my morning coffee, Harry pushed back while I was rubbing his head.



     The following day while hanging out with Harry, I closed my fist and pushed into his head again, and he then got excited and pushed back as hard as he could with his head. Sheep have skulls literally built for ramming, so playing this game must be similar to playing fetch with a labrador, it's just a matter of assisting natural tendencies.

     In the above video, I show you an example of what this fist game has evolved into. It's now a combination of "ram and run," and it's good exercise for me, and really makes me laugh. If Harry gets particularly excited playing this game, he will occasionally attempt some parkour moves.

Flower Stacking 🌺


     Monkey-B likes to stack flowers when she's bored. I'm not sure the name of the plant, but it's a lot like honeysuckle in the USA. These tiny flowers conveniently fit inside each other like LEGO pieces. Monkey-B exploits this natural quality, and can make necklaces, rings, and anything else that falls apart the moment you touch it.

Checkin' In On The Birds 🐤


     The baby birds are still being fed by their parents, and we are anxiously awaiting a chance to see their first attempts at flight before we leave this country. It would be really cool to document it for you Hivers.

Harry's Studio Apart(mud)ment 🏠


     I haven't yet mentioned today's journey, which involved us getting some more bureaucratic stuff out of the way that will let us have a better chance at reunification beyond Suriname's borders. So, on our way out to run some errands in the city, I decided to pop my head over the zinc fence and see what Harry was doing. Apparently I interrupted something, and the sheep looked at me like I had violated their right to privacy.

Spicy Content 🌶️


     The above shot is of the local Chinese Capsicum variety in Suriname, very similar to a Scotch Bonnet in Jamaica, or a habanero in Mexico. Here they are known as Madame Jeanette peppers, and the local variety is a bit longer than their Mexican and Jamaican counterparts.


     Time to cool down with @Sreypov, because she got spicy after watching me snap shots of the chili plant. A few waves of the hat to fan the face and all is good as new. A flower in the ear for natural beauty.


     Monkey-B was feeling spicy enough to try standing on one leg for some epic shots, and I managed to capture some behind-the-scenes footage.

🤷‍♂️ I Know Nothing About Flowers 🌼


     I love flowers and apprecialove their natural beauty, but I also enjoy telling a story in my Hive blog posts, and I just don't know how to write about flowers other than identifying them and moving on. So here it is this Giganticus Purpleanicus, or at least it would be if I was allowed to name it.


     I have no conflict respecting the beauty of flowers, but if it's not edible I don't bother learning the name. This could easily be a "Redula Fidgetal Spinneronimus, and it doesn't take away from the bokeh effect it has on the @KidSisters in the background.


     I almost broke my wrist trying to get a shot of this Bengal Tiger Butterfly. Did I mention I know nothing about butterflies too? That is definitely the name of this butterfly, but don't look into it.

Belly-Skin Show Costs $8.50 SRD 🎟️


     On our way to do depressing bureaucratic stuff, I had the pleasure of Ms. Belly Skin greeting me and keeping an eye on me for the duration of the bus ride. She used to charge $1.65 SRD, but these days her price is $8.50 SRD, a sign of the financial crisis in Suriname. Public transportation is no longer affordable for us, so this was the first time inside a bus in many months.


     On our way back home I snapped a shot of a defeated and tired Monkey-B walking with big sister and mom. She is slouching, a tell-tale sign that we need to be home within the next 10 minutes, but luckily we were already on the home stretch when this shot was taken.

     That's all folks, until we meet again....

Music: BenSound


Monkey B

▶️ 3Speak


First I notice, is @sreypov does perfect Asian squat. I think she squat lower than average Asian squat ! Sorry to have pay a little too much attention to your wife 🤣 but that almost perfect squat is very hard to NOT notice.

That monkey-b stacking flower, I'm not sure if it is what I found on the internet. Looking at the flower, it reminds me when I was very small, I liked to pick those small bunch of red flower and start sucking on the tail, and it is sweet. Not asking you to do so, but it took me more than 40 years to type "bunch of small red flower" and find out what they are.


The peeking over Harry's apartmud was spot on. Noticed the chicken also looking at you one kind. I think not only Harry the sheep is going to give you a head bud, the chicken will do so as well.

Last but not least, the video gave me two different scenarios in my imagination.

  1. If Harry has a visible long tail and start wiggling it like Harry the dog, imagine that he's happy to play with you.
  2. Without an extra expressive wiggly tail, Harry could have been like, gtfo of my territory Justin!

Won't know, wait until this lil guy starts to grow horn, you'll find out 🤣🤜🤛

I miss squatting in the village and cracking jokes. Sometimes I squat in the USA while hanging out with friends in the great outdoors, and then I realize I am looking up at everyone's nose holes. I then quickly realize nobody has joined me on the ground, so I stand up and act 'Merican. The world needs more squatting definitely. Is it a dying art in Malaysia?

Lesson learned, I'll never go peeping on the animals again, I think the second time there will be no warning, and war will be declared.

Sounds like an active but fun day

I will take your word that it is a Bengal butterfly

This was such a fun post to read

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thanks for not looking into the butterfly.

I am glad you enjoyed the post, to stay more sane I try and inject a little humor into every post. I commend you for #wednesdaywalk and all the good vibes it brings to hive. It's a very cool way to see the surroundings of other Hivers around the world.

Adding fun into each post is great sadly to many take the world far too seriously these days

I hope Harry isn't too traumatized when he comes by one day to play and you are no longer there :(

I honestly don't think anyone will continue giving him the attention he is now addicted to, and I guess that is my fault. It's just that we were so bored and he was suck a kind creature, we had to hang out. Funny that he will be one of the hardest things to leave behind.

Wow, what a wonderful day you and your family have. With all the animals and flowers and chilli...

Sometimes I fail to realize the Hive content right in front of my eyes, but this was not one of those days. Thanks for the #makemesmile initiative, it makes a little more fun.

The lamb that was dribbling some time ago appears again, I really like seeing his face, hope your days are always fun my friend. @justinparke.

His dribbling skills are much better now, and Monkey-B took a very shaky video of Harry and I doing some intense training. If I post it, it will have to come with a warning for those who are affected by motion sickness. Give thanks my friend.

i am so happy to hear that my best friend i will be waiting for another episode of sheep dribbling,

Love the flowers and the video. The only thing wrong with the video is that it wasn't two hours long. I could watch Harry movies and eat popcorn instead of any other movie any day.

Harry is low-hanging fruit for Hive content, but nonetheless it never gets old. I need to make a short film with the girls, perhaps have Harry play a character.

 last year (edited)

I like reading your posts, because the atmosphere of the country is almost the same as our country Indonesia, thank you for sharing.

The weather and other thigs are very similar, even many Javanese people here because it was once a Dutch colony, I think about 10% of the country is Javanese.

It means that you are familiar with Indonesia, in my area there are also many Javanese tribes, because we are of different ethnic groups, I am Acehnese, on the tip of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

I am a bit familiar, yes, Cambodia (where my family is from and where I lived 10 years) was once a Javanese colony, and there are still a lot of cultural similarities to this day. Even many words in the Khmer language are taken from the Javanese language.

There are many Indonesians on Hive, but I've always wondered why it is so much more popular in Aceh? Do you know?

Hive in Aceh is popularized through people to people in coffee shops, because Acehnese have a tradition of hanging out in coffee shops every day, in my area of ​​Aceh, every corner of the city has a coffee shop in complete with free WIFI, from conversations in coffee shops the Acehnese people discuss cryptocurrencies, and one of them is this hive.

Thanks for the info, I've always been curious why most Indonesian Hivers are from Aceh.

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